After MacWorld Steve Jobs Plans to End Writer's Strike, Perfect Cold Fusion · Jan 14, 12:07 PM

If Steve Jobs puts his mind to it, there really is nothing he can’t do. Truly the world has not seen such awesome power contained in one individual. After Chuck Norris, whose tears can cure cancer, he might be the most impressive man on earth. Jobs is busy with MacWorld this week, but BusinessWeek believes he can help put an end to the writer’s strike simply by existing. OK, that is not entirely true. Instead, BusinessWeek comments on the speculation that Apple will announce a more robust AppleTV to go along with a wider selection of iTunes Store offerings, including video rentals. They speculate that the announcement will help spotlight “the major issue separating the writers and movie moguls”, i.e. how to share revenue from television and movie downloads.

I know that many people listen when Steve Jobs has something to say, especially now that he is the largest shareholder in Disney, but if anything, studios have been trying to get away from letting any one voice have too much say in what they do. Movie studios will more likely take a page from the music industry, which is trying to find ways to make sure their move away from physical media does not depend on Apple. If there are any voices that can end this thing quickly, they will have names like Sumner Redstone and Rupert Murdoch.

— Joe Fahs


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