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iPhone 3G Purchase Experience · 2008-07-12

I didn’t just want to buy a new iPhone 3G, I had to.

See, I was at Busch Gardens a few days ago, and when I rode Sheikra, my old original iPhone fell out of my pocket to a watery grave.

In any case, this video documents the travails that I, my son, and two friends went through to get an iPhone 3G on day one.

Postscript: a couple of hours after we got back, all three of us were able to connect to iTunes and activate our phones.

— Tom Ierna

Amazing Music Video, Made On a Mac · 2008-05-11

No, literally, made on a Mac; many of the sequences are done with elements of the OS.

Appearances are made by Microsoft Office, Time Machine, Final Cut, the Finder, Quicktime, VLC, Photoshop, Fast User Switching, and a slew of other apps.


— Tom Ierna

Apple TV Worst Product of the Year, In Other News Apple TV is Awesome · 2007-12-18

Popular Mechanics 10 Worst Gadgets of the year special featured what some my say is a surprising entry when they highlighted Apple TV right along side Microsoft’s Zune. Many people were quick to point out that Apple and iTunes are still leading the video download market. We agree that there are things that Apple TV can do better, and shouldn’t be called a bad product simply because the market is still emerging. That opinion is backed by some new analysis from ABI Research which states many devices have struggled but the “increased availability of content should help the market grow”. From that standpoint, Apple is in a good position.

While Apple TV is a market leader, we still believe they can improve upon things. At this point, the storage is a joke. 200GB would be a good start for the base model and 500GB for the top of the line. Some may say this is overkill because movies can also be streamed from a Mac, but storage is cheap. Another big improvement would be more content not linked directly to iTunes. YouTube is a good start, but Apple should use some of their billions in cash to make a deal with the networks to stream their shows or to get the NetFlix Watch Instantly function to work, or to, well, Steve has that vision thing, so I am sure he can come up with something.

— Joe Fahs

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