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MacEdition: Never Have So Few Words Meant So Many Different things to So Many Suckers

Never Have So Few Words Meant So Many Different things to So Many Suckers · 2008-01-14

Deep down inside the bowels of One Infinite Loop in Cupertino lies Apple’s Customer Torture Center, and they have done some great work ahead of Steve Jobs’ MacWorld keynote tomorrow. Last week, AppleInsider posted pictures of the Mascone center where Apple has foisted banners proclaiming that “Something is in the Air”, and since there has been no smug alert issued for the Silicon Valley, we must assume that Apple is having fun with their little play on words, all in an effort to keep the loyal Apple fanboys squirming and the PC lovers who hate them waiting to froth at the moment Steve “Monochromatic Jesus” Jobs takes the stage.

Gizmodo laid out some reasons why they think this year’s MacWorld could be bigger than usual, (something we hinted at weeks ago BTW), and now it seems like everybody is trying to figure out what Apple meant by “Something in the Air”, with some outlets suggesting that Apple is going to Save WiMax. Ummm, no. A slightly more creative take believes that this is all a cover for the rumored Apple ultra-portable laptop.

What do I think? At the latest MacEdition Editorial Board Meeting, I floated the idea that “Something in the Air” comes directly from Apple Board Member Al Gore Jr. As we know, Gore has done yeoman’s work in the fight against global warming, and carbon emissions, not to mention the hunt for the elusive ManBearPig. Therefore, my official prediction is that Apple will announce that all of their computers will now run on biodiesel. My second prediction is that Apple and Tom Cruise will partner to sell home faraday cages to prevent psychologists from reading our minds. I would have a third prediction, but after having finished one bottle of absinthe, another member of the editorial board put on some Josh Groban and I fell asleep.

— Joe Fahs


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