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MacEdition: No News is, um, News

No News is, um, News · 2008-01-14

The annual pre-Macworld Expo rite of wild-ass guesses is winding down to the Stevenote that will end the ignorance orgy. The blunt truth is that no one outside of the Apple inner circle knows what Steve is going to announce. Sure, people can make guesses based on holes in Apple’s line or industry trends but mostly it’s just click-bait or blog masturbation.

Will Apple release a sub-notebook? A 16GB iPhone? an improved Apple TV? Most likely. You don’t have to be industry insider to guess on these. You just have to be paying attention. It’s the new product category that the mindless fun is at. Home servers? Big Screen TVs? Apple branded perfume?

Apple of course encourages this. More press is good press, even if it’s content free. Why do you think Apple put up the “2008, There’s something in the air.” ahead of time? They (Steve) know that this vaguely worded banner would be worth dozens of articles and podcasts. Apple is the master of free publicity. And we eat it up.

My favorite pre-expo event is the flurry of blogs and supposedly-legitimate news sites publishing pictures of the the Apple booth draped in black curtains. What’s the news value of that? Apple once again chooses black? It’s called filling space. No news is news.

Of course readers may notice that I’m just filling space ranting about filling space. Fair enough, I’ll see you at the keynote. Save me some RDF.

— Dr Phred


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