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MacEdition: Apple to Release iPhone Update, Piss off Hackers Again

Apple to Release iPhone Update, Piss off Hackers Again · 2008-01-02

Over the holiday break, rumors began to fly about a new Apple iPhone update which would bring along several feature enhancements including a customizable home screen and the “Locate Me” quasi-GPS built into the Google Maps application. Since the original story came from a web site that did not have much of a record within the Apple rumor game, some people were skeptical, at least until more comprehensive video proof started to come out.

Since I have been a big wimp about hacking my iPhone, I am excited for a lot of this new functionality despite the glaring lack of proper MMS. Users of modified iPhones are already bracing for the update to break everything once again. Apple has promised to release a full SDK for the iPhone later in the year, so there is hope that the update-and-pray cycle will come to an end eventually.

— Joe Fahs


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