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MacEdition: Open Letter To Apple: Just Buy NetFlix and Tivo and Get This Internet Video Thing Fixed Already

Open Letter To Apple: Just Buy NetFlix and Tivo and Get This Internet Video Thing Fixed Already · 2008-01-03

Every year numerous computer and/or consumer electronics companies hail that the age of “Golden Convergence” is going to be coming any day now. Every year, consumers laugh at what the companies are offering, and for the most part reject what are really half-assed attempts to squeeze more money out of consumers without providing that much more value.

In the latest news, Apple is thinking about movie rentals, NetFlix is thinking about releasing a set-top box for their downloads, and Tivo is trying to get people to remember that they can download using Amazon’s Unbox. Which one will win? Probably none of them. There are flaws to the way each company has gone about doing things, and with so many people fighting for a piece of such a small pie, nobody is making any progress.

Therefore, I say that Apple buys NetFlix and Tivo and rolls together a bunch of content offerings and distribution methods. Why? I like the way AppleTV brings the content to your home theater. I like the way NetFlix allows you to get a DVD in the mail, and they already have a huge subscriber base to grow from. Finally, I like the way that UnBox and Tivo remember what you have ordered, so if you can’t make everything fit on your computer, you can download it again without a penalty.

Of course I am idiot for thinking anything this sensible can happen, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

— Joe Fahs


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