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MacEdition: Microsoft Releases New Office File Converter for Mac

Microsoft Releases New Office File Converter for Mac · 2007-12-21

While the world awaits the full release of Office 2008 which will finally bring Intel-native performance and file format compatibility with Office 2007, Microsoft quietly released a new beta of their Open XML File Format Converter for the Mac. The new version expires on December 31, 2008. It’s still in beta and doesn’t promise perfect results, but should help people who need to work on .docx and similar files that they might receive.

Our results have been pretty good with the original beta (it’s still easier to have the other party save their file in the older format), but the most limiting thing about this release is that it requires 10.4.8, leaving many people with Macs still chugging along with 10.3 looking for another option.

— Joe Fahs


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