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From the Bad Timing for a Press Release Department · 2007-12-19

Recently, many users of Intuit’s Quickbooks software for Mac were bitten by a software bug that resulted in the complete loss of data in some users’ desktop folders. There have been varying reports on the severity of the bug, but it is another in a long line of security and functional concerns in various Intuit products for the Mac. This wouldn’t really bother us that much, but Bill Campbell, Chairman and former CEO of Intuit, still sits on Apple’s Board of Directors.

Yesterday, Intuit announced they would be releasing an iPhone friendly version of Quicken to the masses as part of its Quicken Online product. Quicken Online will be web-only, so there should be an almost zero chance that they can do damage to your iPhone, but the good folks at Intuit tend to surprise us with their feats of ignorance, so won’t be taking any bets, even with those odds.

— Joe Fahs

Now in Time For Christmas: Free Custom Ringtones for Your iPhone · 2007-12-17

Last week, with little fanfare, Apple released GarageBand 4.1.1. Along with the usual promises of stability improvements, the update now allows users to create their own custom ringtones. Any song in GarageBand can be the source, so anything GarageBand will play can now be used on your iPhone, including songs from your iTunes library. Users on the Internet were surprised to learn Apple has allowed you to create ringtones from songs they have purchased from the iTunes Music Store. With this feature available, anybody who shells out for iLife doesn’t need to pay Apple an extra dollar to convert a song from their Library into a ringtone.

One can only imagine how long it will take for the RIAA to complain, but many phone manufacturers have allowed custom .mp3 and .wav ringtones for years, so we’re happy to see the iPhone finally catch up in that regard. Who knows, maybe MMS messages will be next.

— Joe Fahs

Panic Releases Transmit 3.6.3 · 2007-12-07

Transmit, Panic’s file transfer application is out, bringing Leopard support and bugfixes.

You can learn more about Transmit at its’ home page. Or, to directly download the update, click away!

— Tom Ierna

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