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Posted by bahamut 
bahamut – Top level view – December 08, 2007 03:32PM
how about a top view like we had on the old boards? i have this bad feeling i won't be visiting here if it takes ten clicks to see what's new.

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tomierna (Admin)Re: Top level view – December 08, 2007 04:31PM
Are you looking for the "top level" to look more like this?


I can certainly change the template for the Topic view to have less information, but I'm wondering why you wouldn't be able to bookmark the top-level of the Forum on here that you're interested in?

For instance, if you made a bookmark to here, you'd see a list of all of the Community Topics in Spork Central.
ghidorah – Re: Top level view – December 08, 2007 10:23PM
Not sure if this is what Baha is asking for, but I'd much prefer to have all the threads in a single column. I think that helps the cross pollination of ideas between threads that is the hallmark of Sporker interaction. Its also important with this single-file system to have a "theme post" permanently tacked to the top to keep the thread more or less on target. Finally, it galls me to no end to constantly have to run through posts written days weeks or months ago to get to what was written today. If there is any way to do this with the new software it makes all the difference in the world.
johnny k – Re: Top level view – December 09, 2007 12:21AM
Amen, Robb.
tomierna (Admin)Re: Top level view – December 09, 2007 01:07AM
I wasn't really quite sure what you guys were talking about, so I took a stab at fixing it within the boundaries of the new software.

First, the old WebX's "Top Level View" looked something like this to most of you:

That looks pretty flat - only the "Spork Central" has any active discussions that meant anything to anyone.

Trouble is, for me, and staff, and other special groups, the "Top Level View" looked something like this:

So, less flat.

I'm guessing what you were asking to be "more flat" is the "Spork Central" section of these boards. To accomplish a semblance of this, what I've done:

1) I changed the name of the Folder holding the Spork-specific discussions to "Spork Boards", mimicking the old digs.
2) I moved all of the Topics that were in "Industry Scuttlebutt" into "Spork Boards"
3) I deleted the forum "Industry Scuttlebutt" and moved "Feature Requests" and "Article Discussions" into the "MacEdition Gristmill"
4) I renamed "Community Topics" to "Spork Central"
5) I ripped some guts out of the Topic List template so that it displays on one line instead of the previous two.

If you want to see a "Top Level" that most closely matches this:

... then you should make your bookmark for visiting these boards this link:

Is this kind of what was being requested?
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