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Local Unmentionables: Notes on YOUR corner of the world

tomierna's Avatar Picture tomierna (Admin) – December 08, 2007 01:50AM Reply Quote
Hell, it was a popular icebreaker on the ancien boards ...

Get up close and personal with excruciating details of your quotidien

How's your dirty laundry?

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tomierna (Admin) – January 14, 2008 06:22PM Reply Quote
Hideously Unnatural
If anyone here hasn't watched "Century of the Self," you should. It's a fascinating insight of how the consumer culture was built. It wasn't always this way - it's just become this way in the last three generations.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Simon – January 14, 2008 07:41PM Reply Quote
I think this discussion has gone beyond Local Unmentionables and needs to be parlorised.

El Jeffe – January 14, 2008 07:55PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
yeah, parlor post count is suffering! !!! ! ! !!!

What a journey.

El Jeffe – January 15, 2008 04:22PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
hmm. just heard on the radio something that bothered me last night. There was a very strange sounds 'fly' past our house. I thought it was one big, loud but ODD thunder clap at first. Sounded like it was almost ON my roof.

The radio just now said there were UFO sightings!

It sounded so FAST, but NO sonic BOOM. I have been within yards of like blue angels just BEFORE the sonic boom, got pics of the cone forming around the fuselage. But, this sounded so different. Neither my wife or I could recall hearing anything like it.

Anyway... odd.

What a journey.

Cloudscout – January 15, 2008 04:23PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
Sorry, Bill. I had Chipotle for dinner. Didn't think the aftershocks would travel that far, though.

Mighty Mouse – January 15, 2008 04:27PM Reply Quote

You ow m a monitor wip and a nw kyboard.


El Jeffe – January 15, 2008 04:28PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
It shook the DOW, too.

But, seriously it was a very ODD noise, passing overhead. I could not SEE anything, either. Peeking outside the window in the direction it headed. I've seen near-supersonic aircraft, and surprisingly they do not appear ALL that fast zooming overhead.

What a journey.

Simon – January 16, 2008 01:42AM Reply Quote

rino – January 16, 2008 09:48AM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
We got another foot of snow bringing this season's total to about 4 feet. It would be a great winter for skiing, and we even bought gear for the entire family. I can't seem to get hold of the schedule though so we've not taken advantage of the best winter in Eastern skiing.

We had a few thaws so this fell on top of about a foot of densely packed, crusted over snow.

I had a dream of the Caribbean last night.

Cloudscout – January 16, 2008 01:24PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!

El Jeffe – January 16, 2008 01:29PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
That's not me ... yet.
When I heard that, I ran up to tell my wife. Good times.

What a journey.

SoupIsGood Food – January 16, 2008 07:38PM Reply Quote
Back to your travel aspirations...

If Mexico is a little intense or scary for you, consider Uruguay. Montevideo is a true World City, with first-world standard of living and safer-than-the-US levels of crime. The dollar goes a long way, and there's a ton to do and see outside the city.

Also consider Argentina and Chile - very safe and modern nations. Great places to try out your spanish.

Argentina is very interesting, with large German, Italian and Welsh ethnic communities. Famous for its food: the local grass-fed beef is some of the tenderest and tastiest in the world. Steaks for breakfast, barbecue beef for lunch, and beef schnitzel for dinner, in immense quantities. The pizza and gelato is as good as it gets outside the US and Italy. Amazing landscape... Patagonia, the pampas, the northern highlands. There are overnight scenic train tours available. If you've been saving and frugal your whole life, and serious about learning spanish, a trip here or to Uruguay would be a fine reward.

SoupIsConsideringItForThe Honeymoon

El Jeffe – January 16, 2008 08:02PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I will try hard to some day do that. But, my current budget I can't believe allows for such a thing. Perhaps just my wife and I. But, we've never been away from the kids, and I can't imagine leaving the country without them. (can't afford to take them). If anything were to happen to US or THEM, I could not forgive myself.

But, I can hope that someday when they're grown, maybe.

What a journey.

johnny k – January 16, 2008 08:11PM Reply Quote
I hear ya, about the mouths to feed. I couldn't imagine dragging 3 kids around a new country and trying to keep everyone happy at once. Mom didn't take us out of the country until we were all old enough to appreciate it and behave ourselves. Now, if you can get a relative to take care of them for a week or two, it'll seem like a holiday for everyone. Or, sometimes we've stayed with family friends in other countries, and their kids could keep us kids entertained.

To add on my statement about never having to get another car - if I do, it'll be a used Tesla roadster or whatever similar and affordable is available at the time. The idea of 0-60 in 4 seconds and never paying for a drop of fuel again (I'd get solar panels installed at home) is sexy.

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tomierna (Admin) – January 17, 2008 01:17AM Reply Quote
Hideously Unnatural
Here's how hardcore I am:

- Yesterday, I fixed my son's PBG4 (again) using the heat gun method. The Ball-Grid-Array video chip gets loose, and causes static on the screen, so you reflow the solder with a heat gun.

- I'm currently imaging a drive from one of my work laptops. That's not normally a big deal, except this drive is physically fubar, and the only way I can image it is while it's in a bucket of ice.

On Edit: And, I'm doing the latter task while drinking Becherovka neat.

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ghidorah – January 17, 2008 03:28AM Reply Quote
Raise taxes on cavemen. --jw
tom--you da man

El Jeffe – January 17, 2008 05:27AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Not sure I even begin to understand the bucket of ice reference.

What a journey.

rino – January 17, 2008 07:26AM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.

> - I'm currently imaging a drive from one of my work laptops. That's not normally a big deal, except this drive is physically fubar, and the only way I can image it is while it's in a bucket of ice.

I have a drive that failed and we did not pay the price to do clean room recovery. I did put it in the freezer overnight and got the Windows partition to mount but not the Mac side. I may try your trick to keep it that much cooler.

Gee, this morning I could just do this outside.

El Jeffe – January 17, 2008 07:34AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Okay, I've gone podcast looney. I need more battery.(not cowbell)

Last night I loaded up with BBC (London, Wales, Scotland, Ulster, etc.) news podcasts; put on some behind-the-neck headphones, and slept listening to them all play in a row. That's the only way I could find the time to listen to all the podcasts that I want to hear! (sad?) I awoke at one point to someone with Gaelic/Irish-language podcast. :)

I gotta stop listening to Rick Steves. His recent Ireland podcast almost had me reaching for my credit card and planning a trip. (knowing full well I'd be pinched to pay it off). Even almost made me cry when they were saying something as innocuous about Northern Ireland as "As an American you'll be welcomed by the protestants, and you'll be welcomed by teh cahtolics, but they just won't welcome EACH OTHER." That seems so sad. Rick mentioned that he is Protestant and his wife is Catholic, as well.

Okay...back to listening to the Edinburgh (ed-in-BUR-ah! as the guy says) edition.

What a journey.

Dave Loudin – January 17, 2008 07:41AM Reply Quote
Amplifying Soup's suggestions, we travelled to Patagonia with kids aged 10, 13, and 15. Awesome trip. We saw glaciers, Welsh communities, the end of the Pan-Am highway, the southernmost railroad in the world and ate a ton of protein.

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