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rino's Avatar Picture rino – December 09, 2007 10:14AM Reply Quote
As started by Binky in land of old ...

A place to discuss your wheels!

"Use your wheels, that is what they are for." - Hawkwind

ddt – October 07, 2015 07:34AM Reply Quote
Eyes on the road!!!


porruka (Admin) – October 07, 2015 08:37AM Reply Quote
The cat has your pipe.
El Jeffe
I never knew/noticed how CHEAP banners can be had for!

$15 vista print of me driving the Ferrari FF in March is just the thing I need!!! :)


Be aware of what you expect.

Just this past weekend I talked with someone who had a banner done at Vistaprint -- they were quite unhappy with the quality, to the point of not using it. This was for a commercial application, though. (And this is not a general Vistaprint bash -- I've had them do cards in the past and the results were acceptable.)

dharlow – October 07, 2015 11:28AM Reply Quote
They outsource a lot of their printing according to the folks I know so typically done by the lowest bidder.

El Jeffe – October 07, 2015 06:55PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I was parked! :)
I had to be walked through how to drive a Ferrari FF.
Basically, the manettino how it works.
If you want to see me DRIVE the thing (triple digits)... aka best video on the web.. https://vid.me/XuEM

Cloudscout – October 07, 2015 08:38PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
That offer to join you next year still open? ;)

ARL (Moderator) – October 07, 2015 11:50PM Reply Quote
Avoid vista print - they have a knack for crooked printing and magical mystery colours.

El Jeffe – October 11, 2015 06:42AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
idea: pull trailer for safety reasons.
low trailer, not a high one to block rearward visibility.
Tailgaters kept at further distance from your beating heart and rear bumper.
put brightwork (lights/reflective tape) on trailer for higher visibility.
put 'dash' (sic) cams facing rearward for evidence.
could act as a distant, early trigger for new/upcoming accident avoidance/forward collision mitigation sensors. > provide more buffer space whilst these technologies get the bugs worked out.

Cloudscout – October 11, 2015 11:00AM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
Poorer handling.
Parking problems.
Greater difficulty reversing.
Reduced gas mileage.
50% greater risk of flat tire.

johnny k – October 11, 2015 05:12PM Reply Quote
I think the parking alone would make it a no-go, but gas mileage could actually improve. It can with the U-Haul Sport Trailer.

El Jeffe – October 11, 2015 05:44PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I also was thinking an on-board land mine? too much?

Mokers (Moderator) – October 11, 2015 10:03PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
Here are the mods you should be looking for:


John Willoughby – October 19, 2015 04:35PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
I've yammered about my lease before, but now I have a new question. How common is it for negotiation on the buyout price at the end of a lease to occur? My paperwork says that I can buy my Leaf for $17,000, but my model year goes for about $8,500 in the used market. I'd like to keep the car, but not at the contracted price!

My thinking was that, clearly, if I didn't have the car anymore the dealer would certainly charge me the contracted price. Since I do have the car, there is no reason for them not to let me have it for say 10,000 rather than just turn it back in for them to sell.

I don't know if it is unprecedented to haggle about this, common, or rare.

bahamut – October 20, 2015 05:43PM Reply Quote
I had absolutely no luck negotiating at the end of the lease with my BMW.

As for cheap banners. You might be amazed at how easy it might be to get a free, serviceable plotter. Not that you necessarily want one, but if you can wield a basic screwdriver it seems like 48" HP plotters with busted belts (about 45 minutes worth of easy work) are fairly easily found these days.

El Jeffe – November 06, 2015 07:07PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I've never had a favorite car. I've had many cars I'd dream of having.


John Willoughby – November 06, 2015 07:11PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support

Cloudscout – November 13, 2015 12:20PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
El Jeffe in Local Unmentionables
Wonder which generation will be the last. Robot cars and all

The idea of self-driving cars never really appealed to me. I mean, I love driving. Why would I want a car that drove itself?

But I get it now. I love driving when there's no traffic. I don't love it during rush hour. I don't HATE rush hour anymore, though, because my car has pretty awesome adaptive cruise control.

It's not completely autonomous but the fact that I can set the cruise control at 65 and not have to touch the brake or gas pedals has reduced my commuter stress substantially. The car will slow down, speed up and even come to a complete stop. I still have to steer (it will beep at me if I start drifting out of my lane) and on those occasions when it does come to a complete stop, I have to press the resume button to continue (and if I don't, it will beep to alert me that the car ahead of me has started moving again).

This is in my 2015 Subaru Outback. Right now, my wife is driving a 2016 Subaru Legacy (her 2011 legacy is in the shop... a story I'll share later because it's a doozy). The 2016 has the same adaptive cruise-control capabilities but it will also steer you back into your lane if you start drifting. The lane-keep assistance still requires you to steer, it's more of a safety-catch to prevent you from driving off the road. It only works on freeways at speeds over 40mph with a good distance between you and the next car ahead.

John Willoughby – November 13, 2015 12:51PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Wife is probably buying a Mazda CX-5 this weekend. I will probably be buying a Subaru Legacy when my lease runs out on my Leaf. Or sooner, if the daughter passes her driver's test. She's a true eco-freak, and wants the Leaf as her first car. She could do worse.

Does your wife like the Legacy in general, CS?

(BTW, Nissan is offering my $5,000 off my end-of-lease purchase price. I'm guessing that the prospect of getting thousands of electric cars back off lease, with thoroughly beaten-up batteries, is not a pleasing one to Nissan management. Seems like a hard re-sale.)

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El Jeffe – November 13, 2015 02:37PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
today I just noticed good lease specials on some. Legacy and CX-5

Cloudscout – November 13, 2015 03:54PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
My wife loves her 2011 Legacy... but she loves the 2016 Legacy that she's driving as a loaner vehicle even more.

So, here's the story:

Her 2011 was nearing 60,000 miles so she brought it in for routine maintenance (oil, etc) back in September. They told her that she also needed new brakes and new tires. I told her that she should get the brakes done but that we'd wait another month or so to get the tires.

Fast-forward 6 weeks. She calls me to say that she has a flat tire. I load up my floor jack and tire iron so I won't have to use the wimpy stuff that comes with the car and drive out to change the tire. I get there and there's nothing wrong with her tires. She said that she was driving down the road and that she heard a pop and then the car was rumbling. I'm thinking that maybe it's just because the dealership told her she needed new tires and now she's imagining problems. I give her my keys so she can follow me while I drive her car to see what's going on. I start driving and everything seems perfectly normal so I'm convinced that it was just her imagination.

Then I stepped on the brake pedal and it felt like the back end of the car was going to fall off.

While we waited for a flatbed to tow the car back to the dealership, she told me something she hadn't mentioned earlier... when she heard the "pop" sound and the rumbling started, the engine shut itself off. Anyway, this was a Sunday night so, obviously, the dealership was closed but we dropped it off. I called them the next day to explain what we were seeing. They followed up that afternoon saying that a caliper bolt had fallen out. Since they had just replaced all of the pads and rotors a few weeks earlier, this was clearly their fault. They fixed it and said we could come pick the car up.

We picked up the car that Monday afternoon and everything seemed fine. We scheduled an appointment to get new tires on Thursday afternoon since winter is on its way. In fact, winter made a preview appearance that Wednesday. I was driving her car in the slushy snow that night and was noticing some odd rumbling when accelerating quickly. I couldn't tell if it was the transmission or if the tires were just slipping oddly on the icy pavement.

On Thursday, we got the new tires installed. It was sunny and dry by then, too. But the car was still exhibiting the rumbling when accelerating aggressively.

I'm now connecting the dots in my head... brakes lock up at 60mph... the jolt is enough to stop the engine... that kind of sudden torque can't be good for the CVT transmission... we took the car directly to the dealership. That's when they gave her the fully-loaded 2016 Legacy as a loaner.

They call on Friday saying that they can't reproduce the symptoms we described but they were going to keep the car over the weekend. My wife is happy with that news because she's enjoying this fancy new ride they're lending her. Monday afternoon, they call again and say that between their mechanic and the Service Manager, they've put 16 miles on the car but can't find any problem. I drive over to the dealership and ask if I can take someone for a test drive to demonstrate. The Service Manager pulls the car around so we can go for a ride.

I reproduce the symptoms as soon as I pull out of the parking lot.

So now he gets it, he apologizes for me having to go out there to show him. I don't mind, I just want it fixed.

Two days pass with no word and then they call saying that they tried doing a software update to the computer that controls the transmission and they changed the fluid but neither of those fixed the problem. They think it might be the torque converter so they order one but it won't be in until the following week.

That brings us to this week. They called again on Wednesday. They installed the new torque converter and it didn't fix the problem either. Now they're going to replace the entire transmission. Subaru can't get them a new transmission until next week.

My wife has now had the loaner for over two weeks and really isn't anxious to return it. She keeps trying to figure out if we can justify buying a new car because she likes it so much. Honestly, I think she just likes the fact that it's fully loaded. She's the most frugal person I know so she when she bought her Legacy 4 years ago, she went with the base model. Now she's enjoying all of the extra amenities.

We'll see what happens next week when they put in the new transmission.

El Jeffe – November 13, 2015 05:34PM Reply Quote
What a journey.

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