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That's right, Mr. Meader- don't look here for thoze rum0rz...

Simon's Avatar Picture Simon – December 20, 2007 04:49AM Reply Quote
Yet Another Transplant Thread (credit to Brian Miller for the original) (and Robert Taylor for the 2nd edition)

So, when do you expect to see the next 21-slot G5 subnotebook with built-in antigravity? Or do you have other things to complain about regarding the Mac rum0rz press?

John Willoughby – October 19, 2008 12:55AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
I don't develop at home anymore. I used to do C/C++ using Power Plant and Code Warrior, and Java in JBuilder. I still fool around with Objective-C in X Code, but not for profit. I do all my work work in Borland C++ on WinXP at work. Ugh.

bahamut – October 19, 2008 11:02PM Reply Quote
wow. pulled open battery compartment on the macbook to discover the hard drive! holy shit, sherlock! and there are directions on how to remove it screen-printed on the inside of the cover. wow. it's like having the keys to nina hartley's corset. rock on!

El Jeffe – October 20, 2008 05:56AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
That is why I bought this iMac G5. The self-service design makes sense. But wait, Apple will surely REMOVE one's ability to do that in the NEXT rev, just like they did on the iMacs. They can't decide if user upgrades are a good thing or a bad thing. Like removable/upgradeable iPhone/iPod batteries.

Dr Phred (Moderator) – October 20, 2008 12:16PM Reply Quote
owned by the mothership.
I was very impressed by the build quality on the new Macbooks as well. They are the best built portable I used to date.

But before you buy, do a side by comparison of the screens. They may both be glossy LED screens, but the quality of the screens is very noticeable.
I wouldn't want to live with the MacBook screen.

El Jeffe – October 20, 2008 07:09PM Reply Quote
What a journey.

bahamut – October 20, 2008 08:00PM Reply Quote
for graphics i kept the 17". the glossy is not bad when there is no backlighting, but i don't get why they did it. looks like carp.

bahamut – October 20, 2008 08:03PM Reply Quote
> What kind of Apple product could be expected to come along, taking a $244 million profit hit for the company?

Could that be the new machining on the m_books?

El Jeffe – October 20, 2008 08:04PM Reply Quote
What a journey.

bahamut – October 20, 2008 08:38PM Reply Quote
Carp is a common name for various freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae, a very large group of fish originally from Eurasia and southeast Asia. Some consider all cyprinid fishes carp and the family Cyprinidae itself is often known as the carp family. In colloquial use, however, carp usually refers only to several larger cyprinid species such as Cyprinus carpio (common carp), Carassius carassius (Crucian carp), Ctenopharyngodon idella (grass carp), Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (silver carp), and Hypophthalmichthys nobilis (bighead carp). Carp have long been an important food fish to humans, as well as popular ornamental fishes (see koi and goldfish). As a result, carp have been introduced to various locations, though with mixed results.


ddt – October 20, 2008 08:56PM Reply Quote
next up: all glossy-screened Macs come with a default and unalterable desktop image of a carp.


stan adams – October 20, 2008 10:00PM Reply Quote

Sometimes that shark he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. And, you know, the thing about a shark... he's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be living... until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then... ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin'. The ocean turns red, and despite all the poundin' and the hollerin', they all come in and they... rip you to pieces.

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bahamut – October 20, 2008 11:50PM Reply Quote
sort of like salesmen at the apple store(TM).

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stan adams – October 21, 2008 03:53PM Reply Quote
The rumor of death that never dies: http://gizmodo.com/5066531/apple-stops-mac-mini-shipments-to-retailers-says-to-expect-no-more

Store was down a loooong time last night, and is down again today...

John Willoughby – October 21, 2008 03:56PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Earnings coming out in a few minutes; they may have updates of that sort.

rino – October 21, 2008 05:54PM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
I truly wish they'd shit or get off the pot w/re to the Mac line.

I understand that maybe the iMacs sell well but who can look at the Mac lineup and call it as solid as the laptop lineup (non-firewire Macbook notwithstanding)? ... or the iPod lineup for crike's sake!

---- my edit ----
Notebooks comprise 2/3 of the Macs they sell. Best products they've ever created. Customers already love them.

Feh! Maybe because your desktop lineup suxor! ;P

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bahamut – October 21, 2008 10:13PM Reply Quote
can't argue with you there rino. i bought a mini two years ago and a g5 mac five years ago. i'm going to ebay the latter. i now have two laptops, a 17" and a 13" m'book. No interest in iMac. Who needs something that unupgradeable? No interest in a Pro. Too much money. Would a neo-cube (done right) cannibalize pro sales? Damn straight. But it would also have the effect of attracting people like me who see no reason for a pro or an imac. wish the mini were better. it wouldn't just be my server, it'd be more of a heavy hauler.

tliet – October 22, 2008 12:32AM Reply Quote
To be fair, who still has interest in a desktop PC for that matter? Desktops are mostly dead, that's not unique for Apple.

Simon – October 22, 2008 03:09AM Reply Quote
They're gonna become a niche market for gamers and people who do high end creative work, as in film and 3d. The average designer just doesn't need that kind of horse power anymore. Even PC gaming is on the verge of being eclipsed by console gaming.

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rino – October 22, 2008 11:17AM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
Simon I'm afraid that's the bottom line there ... you may well have hit the nail on the head.

ddt – October 22, 2008 12:06PM Reply Quote
baha, let me know how much interest you see in that g5.


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