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tliet's Avatar Picture tliet – December 09, 2007 02:22AM Reply Quote
Polished up my grammar a bit...

Since there was no real thread for useless but nonetheless
interesting links I thought I'd create one.

Nobody Special – December 24, 2007 12:05PM Reply Quote
Aww, who needs outside help when there's one of these babies just for the takin'


So, it ain't an academy award, but what the heck.

tliet – December 24, 2007 05:50PM Reply Quote
It could either go in Retro but it seemed more at place overhere...

tliet – December 29, 2007 07:12AM Reply Quote

Super High Me!

tliet – December 29, 2007 07:46AM Reply Quote

El Jeffe – December 29, 2007 09:57AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Jackson photos. WTF?

What a journey.

rino – December 29, 2007 10:53AM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
Those are funny. Never knew about the work ... Marilyn Wanking, Target Practice, Bush Leads Blair, Bush and Blair Line Dance ... LOL.

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ddt – December 29, 2007 11:07AM Reply Quote
scientists everywhere rejoice.


John Willoughby – December 30, 2007 02:42PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support

El Jeffe – December 30, 2007 02:48PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Our new theme?

What a journey.

rino – January 01, 2008 08:47PM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.


The Edge Annual Question — 2008

When thinking changes your mind, that's philosophy.
When God changes your mind, that's faith.
When facts change your mind, that's science.


Science is based on evidence. What happens when the data change? How have scientific findings or arguments changed your mind?"

El Jeffe – January 02, 2008 07:56AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I'm always the exception...

80% satisfied with their personal lives. Then again, it hasn't changed much in 20+ years, by their chart.


Seems Dems are twice as unhappy...

What a journey.

tliet – January 03, 2008 02:18PM Reply Quote
Haha, this is rich...

(Cut scene from Sicko, because no one would believe it...)

El Jeffe – January 03, 2008 03:39PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
nowhere to go but down. It'll all come tumbling down someday. ;)

What a journey.

Steve Cordova – January 03, 2008 06:00PM Reply Quote
History passes the first time as tragedy, the second time as farts. - Roy Edroso

tliet – January 03, 2008 06:50PM Reply Quote
Not entirely true, but....


tomierna (Admin) – January 03, 2008 07:35PM Reply Quote
Hideously Unnatural


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El Jeffe – January 03, 2008 08:12PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I have never had a drop NOR an interest in knowing anything about alcoholic drinks. (Except I did read a book on how to make some wines when I was a kid...we did it in chemistry class)

SO, I guess some of the subconcious marketing sticks? (Except for the part where I have not spent a penny on booze)

Looking for payday loans?

What a journey.

Nobody Special – January 03, 2008 09:31PM Reply Quote
Somedays the wife wouldn't argue, but I am surprised that I scored this since haven't drunk hard liquor in ages, wine maybe once a year and beer more often than soda pop.


Curtis – January 03, 2008 09:35PM Reply Quote

Um. Is that good or bad?

I had a roommate (for 1.5 years) who wanted to be a bartender... and I know movies (Sideways poster, The Dude)

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tliet – January 04, 2008 04:30AM Reply Quote

(Drawn by a famous dutch cartoonist in response to a catholic bishop and his proposal to replace the word god with allah to solve some of the religious problems in the world.)


Let's call 'God' and 'Allah' 'Nonsense'. Then we will truly all agree!

'I believe in nonsense', 'I also believe in nonsense', 'But then I also believe in nonsense', 'My nonsense is the biggest', 'Listen to my nonsense'

'There you go, all of our problems are solved now!'

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