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tliet's Avatar Picture tliet – December 09, 2007 02:22AM Reply Quote
Polished up my grammar a bit...

Since there was no real thread for useless but nonetheless
interesting links I thought I'd create one.

porruka (Admin) – August 21, 2017 03:07PM Reply Quote
New year. Same me. Proceed accordingly.
Money shot, you say?


“It’s like getting shot in the face with money every day,” he [FX's CEO, John Landgraf] said at a news media event this month.

(from an actually interesting article on Apple's (and others') entry into scripted creative content. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/20/business/media/tv-marketplace-apple-facebook-google.html)

John Willoughby – September 05, 2017 11:16AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Strange women, lying in ponds, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government.

The Lady of the Lake is unhappy with Brexit, and is calling for a change in leadership. Government is investigating pond for evidence of Russian tampering.

ddt – September 05, 2017 12:44PM Reply Quote
Fake news! She was STANDING in a pond. Corrupt media narrative. Ergo everything they say, the truth is the opposite.


El Jeffe – September 05, 2017 03:52PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
can't be UK... there is a PICKUP TRUCK in background.

ddt – September 08, 2017 05:58PM Reply Quote

John Willoughby – September 13, 2017 11:42PM Reply Quote
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John Willoughby – September 22, 2017 08:40PM Reply Quote
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John Willoughby – September 22, 2017 09:01PM Reply Quote
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I love it when I get semi-obscure xkcd references.

johnny k – September 23, 2017 03:56PM Reply Quote
You read a bunch of those books? I read a short story in some anthology that I liked, but was clearly a B-plot in the same world, not epic or anything.

James DeBenedetti – September 23, 2017 09:56PM Reply Quote
They were good when I read them back in junior / high school. I don’t know how they’d read as an adult, but they were pretty popular at the time.

John Willoughby – September 23, 2017 10:45PM Reply Quote
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I read a lot of the early ones, but drifted away at some point. I actually still re-read one of the off-shoot series (Harper Hall) every three or four years. That one's almost young adult, but I enjoy it. It was never one of my favorite series, but I liked it enough to stay with it for a decade or so.

johnny k – September 24, 2017 09:24PM Reply Quote
Score. Just found a volume of them in my wife's childhood bedroom when I was visiting her parents this weekend. Still, Neuromancer first.

James DeBenedetti – September 24, 2017 09:41PM Reply Quote
To fully appreciate the genius of Neuromancer, don’t forget it was written over three decades ago on a typewriter because its author had never owned a computer.

ARL (Moderator) – September 25, 2017 12:17AM Reply Quote
And I highly recommend the Burning Chrome short stories - at least one (Johnny Mnemonic) spawned a film. At least as good as Neuromancer.

Sorry, it's annoying when someone gushes incessantly about something they're into. I'm started to wax lyrical they way my daughter does about minecraft (she has legitimate excuses, being 8 and ASD, I'm just being me...)

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porruka (Admin) – September 25, 2017 01:53PM Reply Quote
New year. Same me. Proceed accordingly.
Not a link, but... Elvis has entered the building (from Apple's security announcements):

"CVE-2017-7131: Dominik Conrads of Federal Office for Information
Security, an anonymous researcher, Elvis (@elvisimprsntr), an
anonymous researcher"

John Willoughby – September 26, 2017 03:14PM Reply Quote
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Bill Gates has switched to Android. Still won't use an iPhone.

John Willoughby – October 20, 2017 10:52AM Reply Quote
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I feel for the developer here, who ought to have the trademark.

I feel that this paragraph will be his undoing, though:

The lawsuit states that Apple attempted to cancel the trademark on the grounds that the company which filed the trademark did not exist at the time. Bonansea says this is a technical error in that he should have filed under the name of his original company

Can't make mistakes like that against a billion-dollar legal team.

James DeBenedetti – October 21, 2017 12:40AM Reply Quote
Given MacRumors report, it sounds more like he's trying to take advantage of Apple than vice versa, but working this out is why we have courts.


Bonansea originally trademarked the name under a Washington corporation called "emonster, Inc," a company that is now defunct. Apple's petition to cancel argued that the "emonster Inc" company did not exist when the Animoji registration was initially filed, and Bonansea claims that it was a mistake the trademark was not filed under the name of his Japanese company, Emonster k.k. A cancellation proceeding for the trademark appears to still be pending.

The lawsuit suggests that Bonansea planned to release an updated Animoji app at the end of 2017, but had to rush to submit a new app "so that Apple did not further associate the Animoji mark in the public's minds with Apple." He claims this has caused suffering and "irreparable injury" as he has had to rush to market with an unfinished product.

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John Willoughby – November 03, 2017 01:03PM Reply Quote
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John Willoughby – November 13, 2017 10:00PM Reply Quote
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