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Simon's Avatar Picture Simon – December 18, 2007 07:38PM Reply Quote
For all your work woes.

John Willoughby – April 19, 2017 05:36PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Some day, I will get a boss who understands that a change that is trivial at the beginning of a project may be extremely ill-advised and difficult a week from QA.

dharlow – April 19, 2017 07:12PM Reply Quote
Oh, he is not like our clients who wait till QA?

John Willoughby – April 19, 2017 07:45PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
He's actually pretty good about that.

ddt – April 23, 2017 09:16AM Reply Quote
"Hi Dan,

Thank you for registering to take part in LookSee Wellington.

We had a huge number of very high calibre applications, and only 100 places available – and so it is with regret we advise that, having carefully reviewed your full profile, you have not been successful in securing a LookSee Wellington place this May.

Please don't take this as a reflection on your knowledge, skills or experience, or that your skills are not required in New Zealand – far from it – there are excellent opportunities for skilled people to come to New Zealand to live and work.

This is not to say that your skills are not required in New Zealand, more that we had to select the closest matches for the roles we are aiming to fill for this campaign.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to register with Workhere New Zealand so that you can be considered for other roles, or visit Immigration New Zealand's New Zealand Now website for information on living and working in New Zealand.

Thanks again for your interest in LookSee Wellington and New Zealand.

The LookSee Wellington Team

PS: Due to the high volume of applications we've received, regrettably we are unable to provide detailed individual feedback to candidates."


El Jeffe – April 23, 2017 05:10PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
their loss

ARL (Moderator) – April 23, 2017 06:56PM Reply Quote
Damn, would have been nice to have a sporker across the ditch...

dharlow – April 23, 2017 09:30PM Reply Quote
ddt - oh well their loss, I think they had over 50K apply so just to make it as far as you did was an accomplishment.

ddt – April 24, 2017 12:50AM Reply Quote
Thanks -- it was probably my face. As soon as they saw my face, that was IT.

To be fair, I do not do any of the jobs that is on their list. Can't remember the whole list you got to choose from but anything I do was not on it. So there's probably that.


El Jeffe – April 24, 2017 06:06AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
what do you mean "your face" ... it was not so bad that I did ran the other way and did not have coffee with you! :) :)

ddt – June 18, 2017 10:16PM Reply Quote
I see parallels in interviews for my profession, too: https://medium.freecodecamp.com/welcome-to-the-software-interview-ee673bc5ef6


John Willoughby – June 23, 2017 05:18PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
This is in Boss Bitch, because I apparently am working a second job, without pay.

Got to come home from work yesterday and provided three hours of tech support to various family members local and long-distance. Family members don't make any attempt to solve their own issues, or to learn how their devices work. They just throw their problems at me when I walk in the door, and get surly if I show any indication that I have different priorities.

One person literally said, "I have no idea what I am doing, so I did X and Y and Z." If you don't know what you are doing, DON'T DO ANYTHING. Or, at least, don't call me after you have rendered your device inoperable.

johnny k – June 23, 2017 07:42PM Reply Quote
I'm guessing non-Apple devices? That's where I draw the line for this reason. My dad's about to make the leap to a smartphone and has Huawei in his head for some reason. Once I told him that a) iPhones only cost this much with subsidy, 2) total cost will be lower because it will be supported for much longer than other phones, and iii) this is the only one I can help you with, he seems convinced. Only a bonus that it's the best way to see his grandchildren.

Best to plead ignorance on their particular hardware. I do all the tech stuff for my parents and siblings but thankfully they don't take it for granted.

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John Willoughby – June 23, 2017 07:58PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Sadly, all Apple stuff. My screen sharing with my dad's Mac hasn't worked for years; we're going to take another crack at it this weekend because I refuse to troubleshoot by his verbal descriptions anymore. At home it's just people who refuse to practice sane computing on any of their devices.

Nevertheless, my earlier posting was a little harsh. It was more like two hours. I do get very frustrated when I am the first, last, and ONLY source they will bestir themselves to consult.

ARL (Moderator) – June 24, 2017 03:44AM Reply Quote
You need to introduce them to the wonders of google and the jungle that is the apple support forums...

El Jeffe – July 27, 2017 04:04AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I am struggling to see how I can stay mentality and physically motivated and able to say work another 10 years. How does one step off the treadmill without face-planting?

johnny k – July 28, 2017 12:07AM Reply Quote
I think like the video, you have to step laterally to another treadmill, maybe downshifting. Or, you know, faceplant as long as it doesn't kill you.

ARL (Moderator) – July 28, 2017 07:26PM Reply Quote

dharlow – July 28, 2017 11:27PM Reply Quote
You might try using Join.me I can walk most people through sharing their screen as it is a simple download.

El Jeffe – July 30, 2017 06:11PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
yeah, i'm not particularly FACED with change; I desire it.
Ready for those that I have supported to take the reins. so to speak.

ARL (Moderator) – August 06, 2017 02:06AM Reply Quote
Had a phone call with the service manager (of the organisation I chair) about a prospective new service user. They had initially asked could their support workers be female only (we can do that in certain circumstances) but then later asked could they also "be of anglo-saxon background" as support workers who are not "make them physically sick."

Manager (to me): "So what should I tell them?"

Me: "To GTFO"

Sorry, zero tolerance for that neo-nazi nonsense...

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