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Remember the Web?

bahamut's Avatar Picture bahamut – October 18, 2017 08:19PM Reply Quote
Remember when the web was cool? When it was full of stuff to read? I miss it.

What sites do you still visit daily?

Mac surfer is getting deadly boring.
Slashdot is slashdead.
Reddit still has a handful of things I like.
Ars Technica still ok.
For news Washington Post and the Guardian?

ddt – October 18, 2017 08:24PM Reply Quote
On the last point, there's the #payforjournalism movement -- so I give an annual subscription to WaPo and Guardian.

Slashdot I only check when I want to see how the techlibertariandouchebros are reacting to something.

TPM, Esquire Politics, LawyersGunsMoney blog, Guardian, WaPo for news -- and I also check RedState and Townhall commenter reactions to see what their even darker timeline looks like.

Ars, Daring Fireball, MacRumors. Pharyngula and Science Based Medicine. Bad Astronomy.

There's a healthy bike news site ecosystem. Sadly not so much for Mac or comics news any more. (For the last, a lot of that's gone to podcasts.)


bahamut – October 18, 2017 08:46PM Reply Quote
Annual subscriptions for WaPo, NYT, and Guardian here!

Thanks for the tips!

I forgot nasaspaceflight.com!

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ARL (Moderator) – October 18, 2017 09:52PM Reply Quote
What is alarming is how Facebook has relegated so many formally useful and high traffic sites into relative obscurity.

I seem to follow more pages on Facebook then I do websites on the "pre-2.0" web. This is a bad thing.

I subscribe to crikey.com.au and a couple of paywall writers but it will be good to get some up-to-date relevant new bookmarks...

Bruce Robertson – October 18, 2017 10:26PM Reply Quote
I have web subscriptions to NYT, LATimes, Seattle Times, WaPost.
I have a Facebook account but use it seldom and my most current content there is over ten years old.

dharlow – October 18, 2017 11:08PM Reply Quote
Mac news sites are dying, hope that is not a sign.

John Willoughby – October 18, 2017 11:50PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Mac news sites are dying, hope that is not a sign.

I think it is more that Apple is now so big that the mainstream press covers even the vaguest rumors.

bahamut – October 19, 2017 04:25AM Reply Quote
I use Facebook but avoid it for news or actual information, it’s bad for that. It got us Trump, after all.

ddt – October 19, 2017 07:52AM Reply Quote
Oh yeah, never go to Facebook's web site, have various extensions/add-ons to block Facebook cookies and trackers (recommend you all do the same, though this blocks all the "Powered by Facebook Comments" comment sections on many web sites' templates). Even if you don't use Facebook, log in to Facebook, or visit Facebook, it's tracking your data across sites.


ARL (Moderator) – October 19, 2017 09:39AM Reply Quote
So's google, apple and all the others though...

El Jeffe – October 19, 2017 07:41PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I only go to eWorld on a daily basis.

ARL (Moderator) – October 19, 2017 08:32PM Reply Quote
Oh Bill...

bahamut – October 19, 2017 09:09PM Reply Quote
Watching the last season of Halt and Catch Fire reminds me of the days when I used Comet to access various sites on the Intemet.

bahamut – October 19, 2017 09:35PM Reply Quote

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