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Cloudscout's Avatar Picture Cloudscout – March 20, 2008 01:15PM Reply Quote
Announce new forums/topics when they're created.

Mokers (Moderator) – March 17, 2015 06:02PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
should those of us want to follow us on twitter, how should we go about that?

Wobs – March 17, 2015 07:23PM Reply Quote
I haven't yet tweeted anything on @AppleRecon, its new primacy purpose is to
use it to prove I am me, as well as the email address wobs@pelagius.com ,
If you email me there and Monks can ask questions that only The REAL RKM
would know; like Bahamut's email guessing at the identity of an Apple BOD
Member who I was in contact with. Only The REAL RKM knows the guess made
by Bahamut, and whetherI answered his "guess." It's all on the MIA topic and if
not there then another topic with "new posts" as of 16-18 March 2015.


El Jeffe – March 18, 2015 09:32AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I have no idea what any of that meant. :)

porruka (Admin) – March 18, 2015 10:13AM Reply Quote
The cat has your pipe.
El Jeffe, it means that exciting things are afoot!

Mokers (Moderator) – March 18, 2015 12:37PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
OK, I see https://twitter.com/applerecon isn't live, but keep us up to date.

bahamut – March 19, 2015 10:18PM Reply Quote
And luckily I am enough of an alcoholic not to remember who the BOD member or even that I'd made such inferences. :/

ARL (Moderator) – March 20, 2015 07:57PM Reply Quote
I'll take a wild guess and say it definitely wasn't Al Gore :-)

Wobs – March 25, 2015 05:48PM Reply Quote
Al "Mr. Insider Trading / Self Dealing" Gore? Look at the DISY Chaining of his
Global Warming / Climate Change businesses & I guess it's bcuz he was Veep
that Preet wasn't Behraareling up his ass! Not accusing, just admiring from afar.
You've GOT to have stones to have a 23k electric bill & stuff.

Not that Al didn't have some suspicious Apple trades until another BOD member;
whom I personally knew; told him to cool his jets or he'd be Cupcake @ Camp
Bro Rape....

Yup. I can still chuckle @ All Things @ Camp Clinton. Those people have
Chutzpah! LOL Wish I had the ethics to Front Run RFI Apple & Mkt Calls.


Wobs – March 25, 2015 10:42PM Reply Quote
Pardonnez moi! I meant DAISY Chaining! Gee, I Miss those Wascally Wabbits!
Maybe a Redux in 2016? Great for Lots of Laughs! Esp. if Cubans Are Legal
Once Again! My last one was Smuggled in from Mexico!


FWIW, The New B&H ads are Great! Tom, do you get a "cut" from
Amazon? If so, I'll use your link to sign in from here & urge my
Shopahlic HiTech Digerati Son to use it too!

ddt – March 26, 2015 01:58PM Reply Quote
I still only see the B&H ad, not the Amazon one. Though I rarely ever use evil Amazon, I would rather use a link here in the off chance I do order from them. Latest Safari, latest Yosemite, maybe it's Ghostery or AdBlock that does that.


John Willoughby – March 26, 2015 11:56PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Ad Blocker, even if disabled, blocks the Amazon ad.

tomierna (Admin) – March 27, 2015 02:07PM Reply Quote
Hideously Unnatural
Yes, I'm supposed to get around 3% from either the B&H or the Amazon search boxes.

Wobs – April 03, 2015 09:47PM Reply Quote
Great! I'll start using the AmaZon LIink &
Try to get son Jon to use it too.

John Willoughby – September 16, 2016 01:11PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
New thread for the latest ProDOS release.

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