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Apple's relationship with the press, customers, and dealers

tliet's Avatar Picture tliet – March 20, 2008 09:34AM Reply Quote
Although we don't live in the Apple is beleaguered times anymore, there's still enough to be said about them...
Transplanted once again...

The Gay Blade - 05:54pm Mar 31, 2000 EST
The Blade will attempt to transplant yet another rhetorical sapling here
on the Spork boards by copping a page from the delightful Brian Miller,
writing eloquently on the superannuated boards of yesteryear:

Brian Miller - 03:07pm Sep 30, 1999 PT
The man with a plan

My recent PowerBook G3 fiasco notwithstanding, I am beginning to wonder if
Apple is planning on abandoning "small fry customers." Consider the

1) Apple's war with the Macintosh press;
2) Apple's slashing and burning of small local dealers, who often provided
the best service "in a pinch";
3) Apple's continued horrendous customer service breaches (individual Apple
Store orders cancelled in favour of large educaction/business orders).

Pulling all this evidence together and analysing it makes me feel far more
"worried" about Apple's future than any time under Amelio. Consider, for
instance, what all of those resources spent on lawyers threatening tiny Mac
sites could do in customer service and relations.

Before we consider Apple's "invasion" into the Fortune 1000 enterprise to
be ready, we have to focus on Apple's status in its own current markets. In
my view, there's a lot of "retrenching" to do before they're ready. They
can start by ceasing their intimidation of Mac publishers, letting the damn
Mac rags publish OS 8.6 on their cover disks, and spending a bit more time,
effort, and energy on a "satisfy the customer at all costs throughout the
organisation" policy. These are all core competencies they'll need before
they can even THINK of invading the big-enterprise space.

johnny k – March 01, 2015 06:04PM Reply Quote
Personally, I'm willing to pay more for certain things if that means less human suffering. With a thing like gas, all I can do is try to consume less. And the same goes with our attitude towards the other countries - we can't expect them to bend to our cultural requirements overnight, but to nudge them to produce less suffering. One side of the whole sweatshop debate often misses that Nike, et al, was easily the best job many people could've gotten in their country. The other side sometimes misses that the push to better conditions nevertheless does not happen without the first-world do-gooders holding companies accountable. It works as it should in Asia. I'm more worried that we don't exert the same force for change in the Middle East, other than gifting them with social media.

El Jeffe – March 02, 2015 05:14AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I've heard the argument 'better than the alternative' before; but I think there needs to be a bar set for Human Rights, safety (think osha), government services (obamacare, etc) that IF A MANUFACTURED item is NOT created with benefits (call them that) up to OUR standards, then a tariff is placed on the item equivalent to the inherent cost of those items AT LEAST. And of course for such like forced labor, just not trade with then and/or embargo and other political influences. I grew up in a labor household/family, and we had insurance that cost $0 out of pocket and my parents could not believe the labor force I entered into where we were not given the same benefits they had. I always thought we (US) would bring up the world to our standards, but see that our high living standards have actually fallen to compete with the others, in so many ways.

ddt – March 02, 2015 09:21AM Reply Quote
So you're for government regulation and oversight, strong unions, and other capital-D democratic positions? Elizabeth Warren welcomes you!


El Jeffe – March 02, 2015 05:04PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
apple to apples COULD mean we lower OUR standards, right? :)

ddt – March 02, 2015 05:11PM Reply Quote
COULD mean we lower OUR standards, right? :)

I'm friends with you, right?

Never missing the obvious line,


ARL (Moderator) – March 09, 2015 06:48PM Reply Quote

ddt – March 09, 2015 06:59PM Reply Quote
That reminds me: so what was the winner of the "Apple is doomed" coverage after THIS Apple Event?


ARL (Moderator) – March 09, 2015 07:04PM Reply Quote
The HBO Now streaming service (which had better run in Australia) has me seriously chugging the Koolaid.

Let's see, $15 US a month should be about A$79.95 plus GST I imagine...

porruka (Admin) – March 09, 2015 07:12PM Reply Quote
New year. Same me. Proceed accordingly.
The HBO Now streaming service (which had better run in Australia) has me seriously chugging the Koolaid.

Let's see, $15 US a month should be about A$79.95 plus GST I imagine...

I'm pretty sure I saw the US-only disclaimer in the fine print of the slide at the end of HBOguy's preso.

ddt – March 09, 2015 08:12PM Reply Quote
I couldn't read the slides over his, er, healthy glow, shall we say?


El Jeffe – March 09, 2015 08:27PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
seemed more cinemax-y type guy to me.

porruka (Admin) – March 09, 2015 08:32PM Reply Quote
New year. Same me. Proceed accordingly.
It's actually at the end of the trailer. "HBO NOW" is only accessible in the U. S. and certain U. S. territories. Some restrictions may apply.

9:56 in the keynote.

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El Jeffe – March 11, 2015 06:20PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I don't get out much... but tomorrow flying to the Amelia Concours (have FOUR extra sleeping slots in condo if you want to join!) ... and
noticed the Southwest Airlines app has a button for passbook. Never used passbook before... and this button does ... NOTHING!?

Is passbook already DEAD before I try it ONCE? Was it replaced/superseded by Apple Pay? Is there NO APP now? Built-in to other retailers/etc apps?

tomierna (Admin) – March 11, 2015 06:24PM Reply Quote
Hideously Unnatural
Passbook is used by some airlines to hold your tickets on iOS devices. I use it on Delta all the time.

Mokers (Moderator) – March 11, 2015 07:25PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
You should see the southwest boarding pass show up in passbook on the day of travel. I use it for united all the time.

bahamut – March 15, 2015 01:11PM Reply Quote
I do too. It's super useful. Mind you I haven't found a purpose for it save for airlines. :/

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El Jeffe – March 16, 2015 07:38PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I can't find passbook as an app/feature. And it just blows up. This is, however, iOS 6.

ddt – March 24, 2015 06:39PM Reply Quote
I don't know if anyone still follows the old "where Filemaker talk goes" thread, so... what might this mean for Filemaker?



Roger – March 24, 2015 07:03PM Reply Quote
Basically nothing? At least if they bought it for the service side of their operation (which is my guess). I'd guess this is more like their infamous purchase of a zillion CNC milling machines, or whatever, than a consumer-side offering -- I'd guess Apple looks at this as investing in something they think will help with their operations, not something that would affect their products. Like, this might be a case where they liked this company's product enough that they just wanted all of it for their own servers.

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Cloudscout – May 21, 2015 10:36AM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
Is Steve Ballmer running Apple now? This seems like the sort of policy he would have implemented.


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