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tliet's Avatar Picture tliet – December 17, 2007 03:22AM Reply Quote
Discuss it here

rino – June 10, 2008 09:23AM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
The beauty of simplicity in Design is lost with Old Industry.

I loved getting my phone in the mail, plugging it in, turning it on... now it's ATT's customer experience of come into the physical store if you want a phone bend over and spread 'em.

Madaracs – June 10, 2008 09:26AM Reply Quote
Ooh! Scary! Scary! Don't we look mean? You can't see me! But I can see you!
the what?

It's this really cool phone that has 3D and it's MOBILE. It can dispense stamps from the post office and it comes in flat black or lily white. It can hold 8 stamps or 16 stamps and you can color on the screen. They are very inexpensive too... Only $1.99! I just have one question whats a Gigantic Positronic Spacehelmet going to do for me?

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Simon – June 10, 2008 09:35AM Reply Quote
oh sure. sounds like another one of those 5 core sub-lite g5 anit-gravity notebook rumours. apple will never do something like.

Cloudscout – June 10, 2008 12:40PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
Apparently, Apple just filed their FCC application for the iPhone 3G a week ago.

This begs the question... what is in all of those shipments they've been receiving?

What happens when an application to the FCC isn't approved? Is it possible they filed their request earlier and are now re-filing because the first attempt was rejected?

johnny k – June 10, 2008 12:59PM Reply Quote
Why can't those shipments be iPods and computers? If the only reason Apple's forgoing another month of sales is to keep the new iPhone a secret by not filing with the FCC... well, the only real surprise was the price.

Cloudscout – June 10, 2008 01:32PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
I think the reason they aren't iPods or computers was the quantity.

John Willoughby – June 10, 2008 03:29PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Building stock up for July 11?

Jeff Willner – June 10, 2008 04:36PM Reply Quote
Poor iPod Touch.

I can see the new ad now;

             iPod Touch.
  Does Less. Costs More.

They had better be planning to drop the price a bunch on July 11

Mokers (Moderator) – June 10, 2008 05:59PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
Now that I think about it. How much is that non-activation penalty going to be? If it's $200 (ETF for the old iPhone was $175), that is only $100 more than apple was charging before, right? That is a small penalty to pay to be free of AT&T, no? If it is $300, it might still be worth it, especially if you are on another network. And it may not even cost that much. You can buy the iPhone in countries where they must be unlocked. So, you can presumably bring those iPhones here. Not that huge of a disaster, I guess, but still a pain that I can't just buy one online.

I don't think it is going to cost $45 a month for personal users Exchange sync. That is only for business customers and the difference in data charges applies to all smart phones.

johnny k – June 10, 2008 06:47PM Reply Quote
I'm sure that they'll figure out how to sell them online making you get a contract at the same time.

There's not much incentive to buy a 3G and jump to T-Mobile, anyway.

dharlow – June 10, 2008 07:09PM Reply Quote
Especially as it is not compatible with the T-Mobile 3G network so you could only use EDGE anyway.

As for the $45 it is really unclear I know on T-Mobile with the BlackBerry it would not work with Exchange without the more expensive plan back when I had a BB with them. Unfortunately a simple way for ATT to force this is to disable/block the VPN portion of the iPhone with the cheaper plan as a lot of businesses require a VPN connection to work with ActiveSync (though not all).


ARL (Moderator) – June 10, 2008 08:02PM Reply Quote
Apple is ATT's bitch. Disappointing.

On the plus side, that's only in the US.

Simon – June 10, 2008 08:06PM Reply Quote
Well Optus hasn't got any details available yet but they showing signs of life, unlike Vodafone: http://www.optusiphone.com.au/home.aspx
I would put my name down to get in early but I want to see plans from both of them before I do anything.

ARL (Moderator) – June 10, 2008 08:13PM Reply Quote
Telstra will rue the day they told Apple to "stick to its knitting".

rino – June 10, 2008 09:58PM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.

$40/mo for 450 minutes.
30/mo for data.
No SMS included in plan.

The iPhone suddenly is not the phone for the rest of us.

All the news outlets got it wrong -- a 199.00 phone means NOTHING with monthly fees like this.

ATT is a pig, period.

rino – June 10, 2008 10:04PM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
DPBD ---

Even worse:

Apple keeps dead links around.

Click the ATT link -- they are smart enough to redirect.

So from that boygenius report --

Customers intending to use the iPhone 3G for access to corporate e-mail, business applications, or access to corporate intranet are required to activate with Enterprise Data Plan for iPhone.

WTF does that mean?
Somehow Exchange support will be turned off if you don't pony up the extra 15 bones?

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ARL (Moderator) – June 11, 2008 12:12AM Reply Quote
I'd rather Apple sold a $499 version that wasn't locked to a carrier than $199 for one that is.

Also, what's the deal with the 2 megapixel camera? How very 1999...

tliet – June 11, 2008 12:41AM Reply Quote
A friend who works for T-Mobile Netherlands told me that average customer rarely looks at the plan he or she buys into. They'll only look at the down payment for the phone, which is exactly €0 with a lot of the expensive plans.

So, I guess this might work out for Apple and the telcos, but I suspect they'll meet some major resistance from a certain group of customers.

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johnny k – June 11, 2008 02:25AM Reply Quote
I don't doubt that all smartmediaphones are going to have data plans like that. iPhone users suck an unprecedented crapload of bandwidth since the web and buying songs is so easy now.

morganti – June 11, 2008 12:08PM Reply Quote
Ugh. I wish there was a "remote slap in the head button" on my browser.

Waaaa... I want a 5MP camera not a 2. Why not a 6. How about an 8MP? Hell, how about a 12? There's 16GB of flash in there... why not get a real sensor in there!
Waaaa... I want a flash... I cant take pictures without a flash Its a frikkin phone people.
Waaaa... I want MMS. How can I send stupid pictures from the pub to my friends without MMS?Sheesh. You definitely need to get a Razor or something... Really this is what's "the dealbreaker"?
Waaaa... OMG! Its plastic now!? God, Im buying an HTC phone. This thing is garbage.Couldn't possibly be about getting better "signal strength" through plastic as opposed to metal or anything right?
Waaaa... No front facing camera, how am I going to do Video Conferencing!?You know... like all those hundreds of other phones do...
Waaaa... No A2DP! I want bluetooth Headphones just like everyone else does.What all the 3 other phones that do it? Ok, I would want this too, but deal breaker? Uh, no.
Waaaa... No Video. How can I keep uploading to youtube without videoAgain... deal breaker? Seriously?

Ok, many of these are actually "important" to certain people, so I shouldn't necessarily "slap in the head" people who need it. But It just grates on my nerves that people are absolutely certain (like they were with Iphone 1.0) that these things are dealbreakers. I mean come on... Who here would give up say, GPS, for Video Calling, or MMS? Who here would give up HSDPA for A2DP?

Morg "I got that off my chest... feel free to tell me why these things are absolutely killer F-A-I-Ls for the iPhone." anti

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