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Cloudscout's Avatar Picture Cloudscout – December 16, 2007 07:54PM Reply Quote
"Digital hubs." iPod and its successors. (iPhone?) Convergence. How ridiculous will DRM get? Yep, put it all together and it just might make for a successful thread.

Cloudscout – June 17, 2008 09:16PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
After upgrading my dad's iMac, his email stopped working. No problem. iChat Screen Sharing to the rescue. Saved me from having to drive out to FLL's neck of the woods.

tliet – June 18, 2008 12:50AM Reply Quote
I didn't know iChat had a screen sharing feature, I use LogMeIn to control my mother's iMac whenever she's stuck.

johnny k – June 18, 2008 01:20AM Reply Quote
Yeah, Leopard iChat does screen sharing, works great. Now if I could just get my mom to realize that iChat is popping up a message from me, we'd be set.

ddt – June 18, 2008 09:00AM Reply Quote
johnny, would it be possible to write a script that when iChat saw a message from you, dunno, it'd trigger a sound file of you saying, "mom, pay attention!!"?


johnny k – June 18, 2008 01:08PM Reply Quote
It'd probably make her yank the plug and run to church.
But there's a thought.

ddt – June 18, 2008 03:45PM Reply Quote
well, that would solve all her computer issues, at least temporarily.


Cloudscout – July 12, 2008 01:36PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
After fighting with iMovie '08 for a little while, I got so frustrated that I decided to do a Google search for "iMovie 08 sucks."

I'm not the only one who feels this way, obviously, and one of the results was very informative. I guess iMovie '08 users can download iMovie HD '06 for FREE from Apple.

Now I have to figure out how to move my imported footage from iMovie '08 into an iMovie HD project.

John Willoughby – July 12, 2008 01:45PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
iMovie 08 is good for only one thing... dumping widescreen video straight from your camera to a DVD, with minimal titles and editing. I have to use iMovie HD 06 for anything real. If it ever stops working, then I guess I'll need to get Final Cut in some form. Which sucks, since it is overkill for what I do.

Mighty Mouse – July 12, 2008 04:46PM Reply Quote
If you've used iMovie in the past, including iMovie HD, you will not be happy with iMovie 08. For users of iMovie HD, it's a definite step backwards.

If you're still using iMovie HD, stay there. If you need more power, move up to FCE. Overkill for some, true, but you might just find yourself doing more since you have a better tool.

iMovie 08 is basically good for getting roughly-edited (if at all) clips up on YouTube. That's about it.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 07/12/2008 04:47PM by Mighty Mouse.

tliet – July 17, 2008 12:20PM Reply Quote
So, upgrading my Treo 650 since it's getting a bit dodgy, a phone can take so many falls.

iPhone is still no option for me as my employer is using a different provider and I'm hooked on using TomTom on the Treo. So, a Palm it shall be (provided that I can be convinced a new Palm is worth it).

The Treo 680s are going for cheap now, €169 unlocked; the Centro is €239.

I kind of still like the 680 form factor, but something tells me the Centro could be a little more polished. Not seen any of them in real life tho.

Any opinions on a Centro vs the 680?

El Jeffe – July 17, 2008 07:46PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I mulched my Treo with my riding mower. Couldn't even tell it was a phone afterwards. Small, millimeter pieces.

tliet – July 17, 2008 11:20PM Reply Quote
Did it have something to do with your level of satisfaction with the phone, or was that rather a stupid mistake?

SoupIsGood Food – July 18, 2008 12:32AM Reply Quote
It's saying =a lot= about Microsoft, Danger and Symbian smartphones that Palm devices are still desirable around eight years after the Palm platform stagnated and died. (BeOS! No, Linux! No, we can't do that either. Here's the same old (crash-prone, late-80's GUI adapted to a 180x180 screen, easily corrupted) shit re-hashed. On toast. Enjoy.)

I have just now noticed my writing style is a lot like Lisp syntax. I don't know whether to be smug or ashamed.

At any rate, go with the Centro - simple, rugged, as close to the old school Palm as you're gonna get (and therefore a shade more reliable than more sexy models), also, it's cheep. The 680 is old news, wait for the 800 to show up on your side of the pond if you have to have a Blackberry killer that doesn't actually kill a Blackberry.

To be honest, Blackberry and iPhone are the two real contenders. Of the also-rans, the Centro is probably the most likable.


tliet – July 18, 2008 04:53AM Reply Quote
Thanks for the tip, I'll check out the Centro.

And I couldn't agree more with you Soup, but it's not so strange that this platform refuses to die. Worked with Blackberry for a while, but I just can't get used to the ugly, UGLY typeface. Which is somewhat important when you read e-mail.

I can't get an iPhone since our contract is on Vodafone not T-Mobile, which is the exclusive provider for the iPhone here. And I don't want to spend the price of a MacBook on a phone. Besides; it doesn't run TomTom, which is a deal breaker for me anyway.

If you look at the reviews of the Centro and the 680 on this Dutch e-commerce site, it's one relieved customer after another to be back on the Palm platform.

If Palm would fix the OS's reliability, which actually isn't that bad if you stick to 3 or 4 custom apps, they still have a viable platform. The look & feel doesn't even have to change radically, it is fine IMHO.

Too bad they seem so determined to commit suicide.

John Willoughby – July 18, 2008 11:42AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
SoupIsGood Food
I have just now noticed my writing style is a lot like Lisp syntax. I don't know whether to be smug or ashamed.

Be glad it's not COBOL.

tliet – July 18, 2008 01:19PM Reply Quote
Hmm, I held them both and in the end I did pick the 680. It's just a higher quality product, for €70 less. I can also use some of the stuff that I already own. They tried to up sell the phone with a car charger and of course the obligatory insurance. Politely declined both and sure enough, the package contained a car charger, nice!

El Jeffe – July 18, 2008 05:29PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
John Willoughby
SoupIsGood Food
I have just now noticed my writing style is a lot like Lisp syntax. I don't know whether to be smug or ashamed.

Be glad it's not COBOL.

I was in a vendor presentation this week where we asked what their proprietary scripting language was most like. They said it was modeled after Pascal.

El Jeffe – July 19, 2008 09:30AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I think Doogie is looking more like Ramsay all the time.

ddt – July 19, 2008 10:37AM Reply Quote
haha! good call.


El Jeffe – July 19, 2008 12:25PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
The first thing I thought of when his goggle kept wrinkling his brow was RAMSAY!!!

He will be a shoe-in to play Ramsay in any future made-for-TV movie.

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