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Cloudscout's Avatar Picture Cloudscout – December 16, 2007 07:54PM Reply Quote
"Digital hubs." iPod and its successors. (iPhone?) Convergence. How ridiculous will DRM get? Yep, put it all together and it just might make for a successful thread.

ARL (Moderator) – April 18, 2015 08:52AM Reply Quote
The VPN (which I do have - not that one - PIA) is tricky to setup with the Apple TV

El Jeffe – April 18, 2015 10:37AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
can you set it up on your router?

dharlow – April 18, 2015 11:42AM Reply Quote
This is why I still have a computer connected to my TV.

El Jeffe – April 18, 2015 12:51PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
my chromebook is stupid easy to do this with and has cdmi. $125.
and it always just logs me in, too.
But I have not used it from australia, going to HBO, though. They might be smarter. ???

ARL (Moderator) – April 18, 2015 08:15PM Reply Quote
El Jeffe
can you set it up on your router?

Spent half of yesterday trying to do that.

At the moment I have the DNS settings for https://www.unblock-us.com/ in my wireless router and I also have signed up with https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ for a separate VPN (unblock us has a VPN as well but it seems pretty crappy).

I've got the VPN running on my Mac and now my iPad but you can't setup a proper VPN on your AppleTV (the best you can do is try to use the DNS settings of the VPN).

I *might* be able to get it to work if I setup a new US iTunes account and only use the iPad but the whole point was to be able to watch it on the AppleTV. The other drawback is a US based VPN server is slower.

From what I've read it seems like they're doing a pretty big crackdown with zero of the netflix "look-the-other-way" approach.

To much like hard work. I *tried* to give them my money and they don't want it.

I wonder what else a VPN might be useful for...

johnny k – April 18, 2015 10:07PM Reply Quote
Tony, why not do the VPN on your Mac or iPad, and then AirPlay to your AppleTV? A friend of mine did that to get around the NBA TV app's geographic restrictions.

El Jeffe – April 19, 2015 06:00AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I wish I could help more. A bit into the weeds for my "foreign network" knowledge.

ARL (Moderator) – April 19, 2015 09:55PM Reply Quote
johnny k
Tony, why not do the VPN on your Mac or iPad, and then AirPlay to your AppleTV? A friend of mine did that to get around the NBA TV app's geographic restrictions.

I might consider that - but diverting everything through a VPN does slow my already slow connection. I've personally found the airplay option to be a bit erratic & unreliable.

Australia desperately needs to upgrade its broadband infrastructure, it's fair use provisions (I believe its still "copyright infringement" to record digital TV to a DVD or convert a DVD to a streaming format for AppleTV etc) and regulation/competition in the SVOD/PayTV market. Only in Australia can you pay over $100 a month for "cable" and still have to sit through ads (I believe up to 10 minutes worth an hour)

I think in 5 years time a lot of this geoblocking nonsense will hopefully be sorted out. Free trade, copyright infringement, and cartel almost anti-trust-like behaviour seem to be overlapping grey areas at the moment.

Fuck them. Until the come to their senses and offer a convenient way for me to pay a fair price for their content, I'll pay the internet's favourite price instead.

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ddt – June 01, 2015 01:24PM Reply Quote
Anyone here use or work with Docker? I was looking at the use cases on their web site but I've still no idea what it is or how people use it -- basically, I'd love the equivalent of a screencast of someone starting it, using it, etc.


El Jeffe – July 23, 2015 06:29PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
iPod Touch 6G faster than iPhone 6
4 minute mark

ARL (Moderator) – July 26, 2015 08:00PM Reply Quote
So, who here has signed up with the Apple Music service?

Free 3 month trial sounds like there must be a "catch" of some sort. Or maybe not a catch but does it "help" by somehow "organising" your non-Apple music playlists?

I don't want my existing music collection um, contaminated...

El Jeffe – July 27, 2015 04:09AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I did the trial. It's ok. I can NEVER just sit and listen to music, though.
The TRIAL on iOS has a settings setting button to NOT AUTO-RENEW.

ddt – July 29, 2015 08:18PM Reply Quote
Any recommendations for tutorials on adaptive layout in Xcode (esp not programming-centric)? Our devs insist I can make stuff with it without "first, learn Objective C and/or Swift".

Or for Avocado (https://labs.ideo.com/2014/05/27/avocado/) or Origami (http://facebook.github.io/origami/examples/)?


johnny k – July 29, 2015 10:03PM Reply Quote
Hey, I know that Marco guy. The Avocado link looks straightforward in a non-coder way. Have you ever used Quartz Composer? Needed for the latter two. I have no recommendations, but there are tons of examples for QC that make it easy to dig in and see how they made it. The first link that shows up when I google Adaptive Layout is http://www.raywenderlich.com/83276/beginning-adaptive-layout-tutorial , and that site's solid, at least for coders. Nothing like looking at a sample project, making a theory as to how it works, and testing that theory by changing something.

ddt – July 29, 2015 10:10PM Reply Quote
Thanks! I saw that one too, but have no gauge to tell if one is good or bad, so now I'll check it out.

Someone I know who hires IxD sent me these links and said, "You have to have something like this for people to hire you": https://www.gosquared.com/blog/login-screen-design-flow and https://medium.com/@KounterB/redesigning-chrome-android-part-2-of-2-8884f0430940 -- these are cool, and good work, but learning all of Android design and cataloging all its faults, then deciding what I could fix, AND learning how to code -- I don't have that kind of free time for a "may be of some value" project. Also he's got some weird Android fixation. But if you know one small thing you'd like fixed, I can look into it!

(Tried using someone's Android phone last night to enter in a book title she wanted to look up -- midway through entering text, the keyboard would disappear, a spinner would hijack the status bar... this happened three times in a row. Nobody had any idea what was happening.)


johnny k – July 29, 2015 10:20PM Reply Quote
I agree - people want to know your thought process as well as the results, and a post like that itself also shows your communication skills - which are critical for a designer.
You don't have to do it for Android of course (and you could also approach Android as a naive new user). Stick with what you know, and are already peeved about. It's something that I'm sure you've written up on your blog before, but just apply that same format where instead of talking about principles in abstract, lay out a case study. The more focused on minutiae, the better - people assume that if you give that much attention to a single feature, you'll do the same for everything.

ddt – July 29, 2015 10:26PM Reply Quote
Yeah, I agree, and like the way you phrased it. I'm just a little burned from months of absolutely contradictory "advice", and a little burned out on the "you have to have a passion project you've done for no pay" trope. (Add to that a dislike about writing about oneself, ha!)

Two years ago I was kind of doing a simple version of that (nobody told me two, this just seemed obvious), but it's not "maker" enough: http://twoangstroms.com/twoangstroms/2013/4/6/lowhanging-modest-proposal-for-itunes-list-view


johnny k – July 30, 2015 06:02PM Reply Quote
Yeah, I think that's what I remember you blogged. You could add a little eye candy to it because a fresh visual grabs people's attention.

And sorry, but no-pay portfolio pieces are exactly what you need to do. How did you get your first writing jobs? Didn't you have to produce some samples, even if they were school assignments? Just as how a lot of employers of coders like to see open source contributions in your Github repo. In design school, you turn your best class assignments into portfolio pieces, and gradually replace them with your latest and greatest. Hell, I went back and audited an illustration class I'd already taken just to generate more pieces to show. It takes an investment to get the job you want, and that investment rarely ever stops at graduation.

ddt – July 30, 2015 06:27PM Reply Quote
Yeah, and the paid work I've had isn't the most visually compelling (not that I was in charge of that).

Well: anyone want to practice their server-side chops, for a simple (free) game idea that requires two people passing text back and forth asynchronously? And probably finding/matching with friends?


ddt – July 31, 2015 10:19PM Reply Quote
DPBD: Working my way through that adaptive layout tutorial, Johnny -- think I found one error in it, pretty early on, that took some time to reconcile. The "Then press the Pin button and add a top spacing to nearest neighbor constraint of 0, as so" doesn't actually work; I get no ability to set a constraint of 0 (inputting 0 is the default, so the Add Constraint button isn't active. I can instead Control-drag to set Top Space to Top Layout Guide (and later, the tutorial mentions the "pop-up again", which makes me think he had this in there originally). It's taking a lot of looking up "now which is the where now?" but slogging through.

Xcode is a great example of something that really could use a UI overhaul, but any change would be risking huge outcry and cost from developers. I feel for Adobe, now.


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