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Cloudscout's Avatar Picture Cloudscout – December 16, 2007 07:54PM Reply Quote
"Digital hubs." iPod and its successors. (iPhone?) Convergence. How ridiculous will DRM get? Yep, put it all together and it just might make for a successful thread.

tliet – December 31, 2007 09:35PM Reply Quote
About 10 years ago I fired off an angry e-mail to sjobs@apple.com expressing my frustration with Apple Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), I used my personal e-mail account. I got a response from the MD in the Netherlands expressing his frustration about the e-mail in my work mailbox along with a copy to my boss. Sadly, I didn't keep the e-mail, but it was forwarded quite a few times along the top brass.

El Jeffe – December 31, 2007 10:44PM Reply Quote
What a journey.

What a journey.

morganti – January 02, 2008 12:47PM Reply Quote
I have the 4GB sansa (E260 I think) at home... Ive taken to using it as a flash drive. It was a gift from a friend. My 1gb nano (2nd gen) had its screen accidentally cracked by one of my dogs (officially recognized as the dumbest dog on the planet by any human that has met him). Therefore my friend thought, well, I aint spending no hundred n' fifty for that, ill buy you this one for 99 bux at Circuit City.

Ugh... Lets just say, I listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts primarily, music second. Video is near to irrelevant to me right now (maybe if I had received a TOUCH, but thats another story). Its simply NOT even close for me. Remembering position is HUGE for me. And the ipod does this with ANY thing Im listening to. If I jump from one podcast to another, it remembers where I was. If I accidentally hit "next track" in an audio book, and then I hit "back" I get taken back to the point I was at. NOT the beginning of the track.

Some audiobooks and podcasts can be several hours long. The "fast forward" or "Scan through song" functions on the Sansa B L O W. On the Ipod, if i hit the center button to "scan through the song" I can then clickwheel around the song just like the Sansa, but the ipod SMARTLY changes the "rate" based on how fast im clickwheeling. I can get through a 4 hour Audiobook "track" in like 5 seconds... i.e. I can get to the 2hour mark very quickly. So even if for some reason I had deleted the file from my ipod, then put it back on, and it didnt remember where I was, I could get quite close to the right spot, very quickly. With the Sansa, the fast forward is "like everyone else" a one speed fast forward. However, with the "scan through song" on the sansa, the speed is EXACTLY 30 second jumps every second or so. That works out to about 2 minutes or so on a 2 hour track.

AND it doesnt remember where I was on a track by track basis.

But, it definitely has audio recording (which isn't a feature I need, but seems to work well enough). And it has FM radio... zzzzzz and even better FM radio RECORDING! boy, thats something I need in a portable mp3 player thats likely to be in my bag or pocket, inside a large metal building, close to lots of computer equipment. Or in my car where I could just LISTEN to the radio. Or in my house where I could, again, just listen to my radio. *shrug*

As for the video. Its um.... OK I suppose. Ive found that its "time limited". I tried to convert a BSG torrent I had downloaded (say 45mins) and it comes out as 2 pieces from the "sansa converter". A 2 hour movie came out with I think 4 or maybe 5 pieces. And from what little testing I did (again, not a big video guy on MP3 player anyways) there's no remember what position you were in. I dont even think there was a "scan through video" though I think the fast forward button did work...

Lets just say that for me, the extra 50bux would have been much appreciated.

Morg "and of course, it was actually spent a few weeks later when I bought a 3rd gen Nano for myself." anti

P.S. sorry about the rant... It's just another reminder of how other MP3 players still have problems "getting it". Of course, if I compared it to some of the mp3 players I had "back in the day" I'd probably think the Sansa was the best thing ever made since someone pre-cut leavened bread...

El Jeffe – January 02, 2008 12:52PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Having only spent $35, and not nearly as critical, I think it's great.

What a journey.

rino – January 02, 2008 01:04PM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
One huge problem with the Touch and iPhone -- scrubbing tracks sucks donkeys like Sansa, et. al. -- they really need the software based click wheel as we discussed before.

morganti – January 02, 2008 02:52PM Reply Quote
I thought on the Touch/Iphone you could "touch" the bar and jump to that point in the track?

Morg "Thats not the case? ewww" anti

rino – January 02, 2008 04:26PM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
Yes you can but in just about anyone's case (including my 9 yr old petite daughter) it's a large finger and a very small hit target -- basically a flawed UI. I recall back in the day of OS X v1 or whatever (I used it at DP4 just to flee OS9 hell) this board teeming with critique but this scrubber on the iTouch/Phone iPod beats anything in OS X.

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morganti – January 03, 2008 02:44PM Reply Quote
Well, i honestly havent used it so I can't comment. I would say however, that the UI may not be flawed. I mean, there certainly could be "concessions" made to the "large finger" contingent... For example, if there's "space" around the scrubber, you could make the "target" be bigger than the actually size of the bar. i.e. instead of the 30pixel high bar, make the target be 75pixels, so if you just get "close" you grab the scrubber.

Maybe its me but a "virtual" scrollwheel doesn't seem to be a really good "solution" since it would be easy to slide "off" the scroll wheel (it being non-physical and all) and really is just "the way it used to be, and since that worked well, why change it, I want it back" kind of thinking.

Morg "well, I guess I can comment, just not 'educatedly'..." anti

Dr Phred (Moderator) – January 03, 2008 07:28PM Reply Quote
owned by the mothership.
nah, it's a real problem. If the track is over 30 seconds, you can NOT scrub your way to even remotely the right spot. Even using two hands and paying close attention. forget about it while driving....

peter – January 04, 2008 09:22AM Reply Quote
Given that digital convergence is any video source ( from youTube streams to TED talks to Met Opera downloads) on any device with a screen (from phone to the 80" OLED on the living room wall, to the refrigerator), the Netflix/LG deal makes sense. But if it's Netflix exclusive, it's DOA. I don't think Netflix has the chops to pull it off, but LG makes a pretty good partner.

Mokers (Moderator) – January 04, 2008 09:30AM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
I don't know. I am not sure how many people are going to buy a NetFlix only box. Perhaps if they allow you to rent one as part of their NetFlix package. DVD players are like $100 for top of the line players. I think that is the magic price point for a lot of these IPTV type boxes. I agree that their subscriber base puts them at an advantage.

rino – January 04, 2008 09:39AM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.

Dell goes a little crazy.

1100 clams for a measly 22" LCD!!!! Hah! HAH!!! (in Chris Matthew's style)

My Samsung (which I bet this Dell is using internally) 226BW has the same color gamut rating, response rate, contrast, etc... and it only cost me about 300 clams.

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Curtis – January 04, 2008 11:30AM Reply Quote
Rino: It's 1200, not 1100, lol.

johnny k – January 04, 2008 11:36AM Reply Quote
rino, you sound like all the Windows Mobile users who compare the iPhone to their cheaper, better-specced smartphones. It's about the experience of the Dell monitor.
There's a good article on Apple's success with design being followed by Dell, et al, on the front page of today's WSJ. Neat to see that Dell's design director was hired from a medical company (not exactly the sexy job in industrial design).

stan adams – January 04, 2008 12:05PM Reply Quote
Classis (ancient?) "mindshare" driven product marketing. Remember Chevy's SSR? http://trucks.about.com/od/2005chevytrucks/ss/ssr_review.htm

This was supposed to get people into showrooms 'amped up' to buy. Ideally they'd either plunk down large cash on a fully tricked out pickup with more functionality, similar power and better profitability OR a Corvette, or maybe even the SSR itself. Didn't work that way much at all -- pundits and regular people called it over priced, inefficient and impractical.The "halo effect" gone wrong... Ouch

rino – January 04, 2008 01:51PM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
rino, you sound like all the Windows Mobile users who compare the iPhone to their cheaper, better-specced smartphones. It's about the experience of the Dell monitor.

Oh, I know! It's crazy ... but the difference here is how much experience can you actually build into a monitor?! It's the application of design here that I find lacking.

The reverse is true with WindowsMobile users, decrying the iPhone for the simplicity. Dell has gone and made a monitor all tricky AND jacked up the price at near 400% premium over the equivalent Samsung (mind you the latter has no speakers or ports, it's just a very nice LCD with dual source inputs).
And the iPhone premium just isn't anywhere near that steep.


Anyway, CES is on so we'll be seeing lot's of stuff.

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johnny k – January 04, 2008 02:35PM Reply Quote
Oh, I'm mocking Dell. That monitor is overpriced and "cool" for the sake of being cool (ugly, IMO). Even Apple's not going to charge that kind of premium for design.

Madaracs – January 04, 2008 02:41PM Reply Quote
Ooh! Scary! Scary! Don't we look mean? You can't see me! But I can see you!

rino – January 04, 2008 04:15PM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
Sigo LOVES the snow ...

El Jeffe – January 04, 2008 04:17PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I really like that photo.

What a journey.

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