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Cord Cutting MalWare!

Wobs – June 16, 2015 08:39PM Reply Quote
For the Second time in the past 6 months,http://www.free-tv-video-online.info/ , has had a Google Chrome
Warning about Malware, and besides the malware intrusion there are also now "Survey" windows with opt-in OKs
that totally Freeze Chrome's ability to close the pop-up without pressing OK, or close the window. The only
way to get out of it is to Force Quit Chrome & not Restore or Re-open any Closed Tabs.

Yes, I have AdBlocker installed, so I don't get migraines triggered by the strobing/pulsing Porn Site Ads that
infected my browsers a few months ago.

Bottom Line? If Cord Cutters want to avoid MalWare, etc. is a "Commercial Free Paid Service" the way to go?
I doubt it, because of the prohibitive costs, and Project Free-TV will continue accepting Porn ads because
they offer the highest gross and net. Not to mention their vulnerability to hackers, etc. And I also suspect
that those opt-in windows are an attempt to circumvent AdBlocker.

Suggested Solutions? Ideas?


ddt – June 16, 2015 09:24PM Reply Quote
Merlin Mann suggested a cheap monthly DNS service in a recent podcast -- called Ad-free Time: https://adfreetime.com. Would something like what work?


ARL (Moderator) – June 16, 2015 10:07PM Reply Quote
Merlin Mann suggested a cheap monthly DNS service in a recent podcast -- called Ad-free Time: https://adfreetime.com. Would something like what work?


Hmm... that seems a lot like https://www.unblock-us.com/ but half the price.

Do the popups on http://www.free-tv-video-online.info/ only appear when you click on a movie/TV episode? I didn't see any ads (using FF) when I looked at the site.

(And why not use torrents or usenet - or is the theory with these sites that nothing is technically being "stolen"?)

El Jeffe – June 17, 2015 09:02AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
those sites seem to be more trouble than they are worth to me.

Wobs – June 17, 2015 05:06PM Reply Quote
In order to get around AdBlocker, they are now using those pop-up windows,
I guess to FORCE you into accepting the "cookie(s)" to show the ads. And the
ads are not mainstream, and are often blinking at rates/cycles that can trigger
not only migraines, but seizures.

That site in particular IS useful, as it shows current eps of TV shows, including
BBC programmes - which I like - usually with only a few hours to a day from
its original air date.

I'd be willing to pay a reasonable price for such a service, as long as it was ad free.

There has to be some agreeable model out there, but as long as the broadcast &
cable cash cows & "sacred cows" are the ones calling the tune, it won't happen.

I posit that when Apple TV (AHEM!!) FINALLY makes its debut, it will be a STB
where the cable is a Broadband Connection. Nothing revolutionary. It'll be
the Cable Model with just more content inputs. I had envisioned, wrote of,
hoped for, and expected so much more with GC.

Unfortunately, SJ hated it - when it was first posited - and enraged when
Golden Convergence was published and later made public. Enraged because
Board members were enthused by it; especially the potential revenue.

I don't know if Apple will EVER get it; someone might, and I don't know if
it's worth the effort to make the effort to offer solutions. It would have to
be revenue generating for any and all parties involved in creating them to
justify the effort.

Wobs – June 17, 2015 05:16PM Reply Quote
The windows popup when you either click the "Skip This Ad" button
OR - as of today - when you go to hit the Play button on the content itself.
As soon as you do that, a New Tab opens, that NEVER fully loads & the Window
only has an OK button, so you have no choice. The only way to escape is to
Force Quit. Same goes with Safari. And I'm loathe to try it!

And, yes, I am using such things as to mask me, but it doesn't matter.

Wobs – June 17, 2015 06:07PM Reply Quote
The issue with Project Free-TV has been resolved for me, by coaxing my
son Jonathan out of his Cyber Cave, where his Trust Fund & Inheritance
monies allowed him to create a CyberPunk's "Wet Dream" of Custom Built
"Super Computer" & Technological Wonderland. He disabled and negated
the "Nasties" & I'm now free of them.

BUT! That still leaves the problems and issues I mentioned above. There
HAS to be a better solution for "The Masses" & The Internet. And for a reason-
able price.

Remember that my first two "Rules/Laws" regarding the Internet are:
"Content is King," and "The Internet Isn't 'Free,' Someone HAS to pay."
People will be willing to pay for content that is of value to them - ergo, RFI
was the FIRST to charge for "Content" that wasn't immediately publicly available.
Owners of Domains & Websites have to pay their costs, and Content Creators
should be paid for their efforts.

Unfortunately, like those early days with Banner Ads, some people were greedy &
seemed to have more banners than content. And that greed is also stifling a lot
of innovation on the Web even today.

GC today now has to address not only the "What," but the "Why" and "How."
Especially ways to Blast Away roadblocks / blockages, and attempt to ease
the burdens of greed. Ideas? Comments? Anything?

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