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The Joy of Cooking

bahamut's Avatar Picture bahamut – May 20, 2014 06:38PM Reply Quote
Yeah, we could have a section on cooking or on sex, but how about one on the little automated things that we've set up that make your soldier give a stiff little salute?

For example… 

bahamut – May 20, 2014 06:43PM Reply Quote
1. I have my /private/tmp folder visible (via sticking it in the sidebar) and that's where I keep all my downloads. When I restart, any old downloads go away. I've lost a few things to it over the years, but it's a lot better than a folder full of crap.

2. When I download a file that ends in .torrent or .nzb, the Hazel prefpane moves those files to a directory on my Synology Diskstation. The Diskstation's "Download Station" app scans that folder and downloads those files from Usenet or from the Torrent, depending.

This just works. Thank you Hazel. Thank you Synology.

El Jeffe – May 23, 2014 02:14PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
my wife made me get rid of my kitchen witch (Hazel reminds me of a kitchen witch name)

johnny k – June 18, 2014 08:11PM Reply Quote
Guys! I'm coming off an(other) all-day photo shoot and more excited than ever about our next product. If you almost but didn't quite buy into the Range thermometer, I'm pretty sure we've got you this time, and then some. (If you had an opinion, I really would love to hear it privately.) Next Tuesday!

bahamut – June 18, 2014 08:29PM Reply Quote
I just used my range for the first time Johnny K. Pretty darn cool! I do have one question … I bought the ember. Can I use it to measure the temperature of liquids? if not, why not? Seems to work ……

johnny k – June 18, 2014 11:56PM Reply Quote
Heck yeah you can. Pretty much the only differences between Ember and Aqua is the physical probe (short/sharp or long/round). We suggest Aqua for homebrewing, because they want longer reach, but whichever. You can even submerge the whole thing in liquid. I'd only worry about high pressure liquid getting into the probe, like in a dishwasher, but otherwise it's been tested plenty with no problems. Thanks for buying/backing!

El Jeffe – June 19, 2014 04:53AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
did you guys see this? Your conversation just made me think of it. http://cookmellow.com/meet-mellow/

chilled water, then sous vide cooker

bahamut – June 24, 2014 05:31PM Reply Quote
Here's Johhny K's new kickstarter.

Correct me if I'm wrong … cool though this is, but is this anything besides a multi-thermometer capable replacement for the iPhone or iPad used by the Range?


johnny k – June 24, 2014 06:13PM Reply Quote
Besides Bluetooth LE thermometer(s), it is an oven activity sensor. The base itself contains a temperature sensor and accelerometer, so we can detect from the slight change in your oven's exterior temperature whether it's on/off/preheating, and work with a geofence on your phone to send you a reminder that the oven's on when you're leaving home. Accelerometer allows us to know if you used the oven right before you left home so it doesn't bug you every time, and lets you double-tap your oven to perform actions without getting your phone out of your pocket, like speak the temperature and predicted done time.

El Jeffe – June 24, 2014 07:19PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
as with most apps, I wonder if old iPod touches are compatible and have enough 'hardware' (accelerometer, et al) to be useful.
IOWs re-purpose what would otherwise be cast away as old tech.

johnny k – June 24, 2014 07:35PM Reply Quote
FastCoDesign wrote an article that makes that point for Range Oven Intelligence — it makes your existing oven better rather than replacing it with some $8000 smart oven.

The problem with old iPod touches, other than not having a temperature sensor to detect oven modes, is that they are slow and can't run newer versions of iOS. Looking forward to the efficiency of making the new app iOS7-only. About 97% of our customers are using it already.

porruka (Admin) – June 24, 2014 07:44PM Reply Quote
The cat has your pipe.
johnny k
... snip ... Looking forward to the efficiency of making the new app iOS7-only. About 97% of our customers are using it already.

Definitely. I'm a big fan of making old hardware last but the economics of development pretty much guarantee new apps will not look backward.

El Jeffe – June 25, 2014 04:43AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
WIRED's "Front" page...

bahamut – June 26, 2014 12:42AM Reply Quote

johnny k – June 30, 2014 12:54AM Reply Quote
Getting a surprisingly high amount of interest in the high-end Grill Intelligence... apparently pro BBQers know what they want. But we're losing our early momentum, guys. I'd appreciate it if you shared our Kickstarter with friends you think would like it. That number once again is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/supermechanical/range-oven-intelligence-a-brain-for-your-oven-or-g
I appreciate all the backing you've done for my projects thus far, too. If there's something you think we can do better, let me know.

El Jeffe – June 30, 2014 04:39AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I think I posted this here before. I've found many professional (circuit) bbq folks here. (Please never mention a gas/grill :) )
Their forum software hasn't changed in about the same period as our has not. :)


johnny k – June 30, 2014 08:13AM Reply Quote
Thanks, Bill. It would violate their rules if I posted about our product, though. But I'll look into sponsorship.

El Jeffe – June 30, 2014 06:11PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
you'd want to approach the site owners. back in the days of uh, what was that called web circles or something, the smoke ring OH WEBRING!!!!... the smoke ring was a way for all bbq sites to tie-in to one another. That was a wholly acceptable way for anyone to join the group so to speak. Man, I'm old.

johnny k – July 01, 2014 04:55PM Reply Quote
Yeah, the Smoke Ring still exists! We've contacted some of the blogs on it.

El Jeffe – July 01, 2014 09:16PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
wow. no idea it still did. ancient.

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