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bahamut's Avatar Picture bahamut – November 15, 2013 07:41PM Reply Quote

You know, there's something very interesting about Mavericks. They're hot when they wear those stockings and heels…

OopsS! Mistake. i meant …

Of all the MacOS's since maybe Jaguar (? memory fails me) and Snow Leopard, it is a revolution in usability. But it also seems to have immense potential that isn't immediately obvious out of the box.

Maybe we can share what we learn about it here?

Notification Center?
Finder Tabs?

These are all potent additions to the OS X UI, but how to us them?

And how do we integrate spaces, dashboard, etc. to the max??

What other hidden treasures and pitfalls are in this sexy new OS?

ddt – November 15, 2013 08:02PM Reply Quote
Great topic, thanks! I look forward to what other people are doing. By that, yes, I am implying that I am using none of the slick new enhancements (not even spaces and dashboard, because it weirds me out when things move like that, and I work spatially).

My happiest thing about Mavericks: Safari's increased stability (from about zero to pretty good) and the crashing of Safari Web Content not taking down every page.


Bruce Robertson – November 16, 2013 01:16PM Reply Quote
Apparently some cool things are happening in the Applescript world:

"AppleScriptObjC — the ability to call on the Cocoa frameworks using AppleScript — has become a whole lot more accessible in Mavericks. It's no longer something just for those who want to build complex interfaces in Xcode, or those who want to build Cocoa-based applets. With AppleScriptObjC-based script libraries, AppleScriptObjC is an everyday tool, conveniently callable from any and every script you write."


bahamut – November 30, 2013 02:42PM Reply Quote
Unfortunately I can only bitch slap, not make suggestions.

bitch slap…

notifications is a suckmess …

why can't i do all my message replies in notifications? I get so many all day, it'd be incredible if i could just respond to them there.
what appears in notifications is a mystery. it seems random. email messages from two weeks ago etc.

safari still inexplicably slows down.
time machine is as busted as ever

ok some suggestions.

get moom. it allows you to zoom windows properly.
get skitch for screenshots and annotations. amazing.
fantastical is great … menu bar calendaring

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