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Travel Channel: Where are you going today?

Robert Taylor – February 25, 2008 08:02PM Reply Quote
Thread for discussing travel...

Robert Taylor – September 09, 2011 09:21PM Reply Quote
Bali was pretty good. So was Bangkok. And Hong Kong is the Future, I think.

tliet – September 10, 2011 11:56PM Reply Quote
Hey Robert, nice to hear from you again! Any pics?

ARL (Moderator) – September 11, 2011 09:48PM Reply Quote
Pity you didn't have the extra time to get to Brisbane but maybe next time...

Bruce Robertson – September 15, 2011 03:32PM Reply Quote
What the heck, going to London late October for a FileMaker event, visit my brother who lives there, etc.

John Willoughby – September 15, 2011 03:47PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
That should be fun. Enjoy the trip!

El Jeffe – September 15, 2011 04:24PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Bruce Robertson
What the heck, going to London late October for a FileMaker event, visit my brother who lives there, etc.

Paging Ron Burns....

tliet – January 10, 2012 08:35PM Reply Quote
Today we're heading back to Bangalore after visiting the Andaman islands. If there's one destination that is really unique, it's Havelock island, and specifically beach #7 as it's affectively known.

This beach is out of this world, it's almost like a swimming pool.

Jeff Cooper – January 10, 2012 08:48PM Reply Quote
Beautiful. Bangalor ... that's in Maine, right? 8^)

I forgot this thread was here. My kids and I were in Rincon, Puerto Rico over the holiday for a family reunion. Beautiful spot.

El Jeffe – January 10, 2012 09:29PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
saw that beach shot in your tweet.
stop rubbing it in!!!!!

tliet – January 10, 2012 09:35PM Reply Quote
Wow Jeff, that looks pretty decent way to spend Christmas indeed.

@Bill, sorry. Couldn't resist ;-) One more then, of our modest hut in the jungle.

Jeff Cooper – January 10, 2012 09:37PM Reply Quote
Wow. Beautiful.

tliet – January 10, 2012 09:40PM Reply Quote
The place is called Barefoot and it's truly wonderful. Not cheap though, especially in the light of other destinations on Havelock. But worth every cent in our opinion.

James DeBenedetti – January 10, 2012 11:18PM Reply Quote
Looks wonderful. What are the temperatures like this time of year?

El Jeffe – January 10, 2012 11:28PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
You're really asking for it buddy.
I might just have to 'steal your girlfriend'.... lol

tliet – January 11, 2012 12:03AM Reply Quote
In the south of India it's winter time also, that means it's anywhere between 5 degrees centigrade during the night in Ooty (hill station) till around 30 degrees during daytime in Chennai, and everything in between. On Havelock it was summer, outside the monsoon they have twice a year. It was around 30 degrees day or night, but this was a lot easier to bear with the beach and the jungle so close by.

tliet – March 13, 2012 03:27PM Reply Quote

Spent the weekend in Trieste, Italy. Wonderful little place. Met with friends from NYC and London and took this picture that came out rather well. It could have been 1962.

John Willoughby – March 13, 2012 05:53PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Trieste will always be a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to me.

Free Bonus Gibberish:
F Adriatic -> Trieste, supported by A Tyrolia

El Jeffe – March 13, 2012 05:55PM Reply Quote
What a journey.

ARL (Moderator) – March 13, 2012 07:42PM Reply Quote

The beaches at South West Rocks, Hat Head, Yamba and Byron Bay (to name just a few) are as nice or better than that one...

tliet – March 14, 2012 01:07AM Reply Quote
Indeed John, the political history is very interesting. The Slovanian border is just a few KM away and lots of people in the suburbs speak Slovene.

This has only been the second time in my life in Italy and only for a few days, but it's left me wanting to see more of it. Much more.

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