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Robert Taylor – December 12, 2007 03:15PM Reply Quote
Well, at least B?K! got a head start.

ARL (Moderator) – May 14, 2011 07:33PM Reply Quote

Baha - your bomb them with pr0n strategy seems to have been listened to...

El Jeffe – September 11, 2011 08:59AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I'll go first today...

May we as a nation go forward and put this appalling day behind us and not feel weighted down by the decisions that followed.

May those families that suffered unimaginable losses find a path to healing.

ddt – September 11, 2011 11:40AM Reply Quote
Thank you for the thoughts, Bill.

And may we all realize we're all humans, and in it together.

10 years ago these boards were infinitely helpful in letting me know people I cared about were okay. I had just flown and bused and trained many steps into Italy and the only news I could see was in a language I couldn't really follow. But all the people I met, no matter how poorly we communicated, offered me help and empathy.


ARL (Moderator) – September 11, 2011 09:47PM Reply Quote
Well said, Bill.

ARL (Moderator) – September 19, 2011 09:01PM Reply Quote

ARL (Moderator) – October 04, 2011 04:17AM Reply Quote

Well, duh!

tliet – November 20, 2011 10:10AM Reply Quote
The people are getting noisy outside; http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/watch-shocking-video-of-police-pepper-spraying-uc-davis-students/politics/2011/11/19/30445#.TsdLF2BAu_Y

In a way home owner ship has worked wonders, if people buy their own cage, you can reasonably expect them to stay quiet, else they would lose their cage. Now that a significant part of the population has nothing to lose, this no longer applies.

El Jeffe – November 20, 2011 08:12PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
more fluoride.

porruka (Admin) – December 11, 2011 12:48PM Reply Quote
The cat has your pipe.
~~The citizens' behaviors (and laws) indicate a pattern of two-dimensional thinking.~~


johnny k – December 11, 2011 03:07PM Reply Quote
Scary. Following that narrative, today on Fox News (only working news channel in the gym), the crawl was "Homegrown terrorism on the rise." So in an effort to out-American the other party (this sort of insecure oneupsmanship makes me curious about more female politicians), we're going to use up more money, attention and freedom on it. Meanwhile: http://skirsch.com/wm/TheRealEnemy.htm

El Jeffe – December 15, 2011 06:11PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
If this is true, and perhaps drones will forever have weaknesses, I'm all for it.

I think we are overstepping our bounds by droning everyone left and right; surveillance and attacks.
I would think they can either be jammed, hijacked, or if they build too much AI into them, perhaps they'll turn Terminator on us all.
Either way, we have gone into scary times. I wouldn't mind if oil became nonexistent. Most of our fighting machines rely on oil too much to really be able to effectively project power. (except rocket powered devices)

John Willoughby – December 15, 2011 06:21PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Beyond that, why do we want to know Iran's nuclear site locations? Targeting info for US/Israeli strikes is the only reason that comes to mind. And what kind of mess will that bring about? We've been dependent on foreign oil too long... and that dependency is going to pull us into war without end.

El Jeffe – December 15, 2011 06:35PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
as I said a LONG time ago here, I don't think we (now I'll put in "SHOULD") will attack Iran.
We can't run around thinking the nuke genie will go back in the bottle.

ARL (Moderator) – December 15, 2011 06:38PM Reply Quote
What will happen instead is the US military will develop "smart drones" - ones with built-in AI to determined when they're being hacked.

And then we'll have Skynet...

ddt – December 15, 2011 06:51PM Reply Quote
Don't forget that intelligence isn't only confirmation of one way. That is, it's also valuable to know what _isn't_ going on. Uncertainty is far worse, and more dangerous, even than knowing of something bad going on. To use a ridiculous comparison: you look in on your kids not just to make sure they haven't killed anyone, but also to see that they're ok, right?


John Willoughby – December 15, 2011 07:16PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
No, pretty much just to make sure that they haven't killed anyone.

ARL (Moderator) – December 15, 2011 08:42PM Reply Quote
Uncertainty is far worse, and more dangerous, even than knowing of something bad going on.

Very true. Because then neoconservative administrations with a hard-on for warmongering exploit that uncertainty as a means of justifying invading middle-eastern countries...

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ARL (Moderator) – January 14, 2012 11:34PM Reply Quote

ARL (Moderator) – January 17, 2012 02:12AM Reply Quote

Interesting article about "urinegate"

Made me reconsider a lot of things:


There is a final context for this act in which we are all responsible, all guilty. A 19-year-old marine has a very hard time reconciling the fact that it's OK to waterboard a live Taliban fighter but not OK to urinate on a dead one.

When the war on terror started, the marines in that video were probably nine or 10 years old. As children they heard adults - and political leaders - talk about their enemies in the most inhuman terms. The internet and the media are filled with self-important men and women referring to enemies as animals that deserve little legal or moral consideration. We have sent enemy fighters to countries such as Syria and Libya to be tortured by the very regimes that we have condemned for engaging in war crimes and torture. They have been tortured into confessing their crimes and then locked up indefinitely without trial because their confessions, achieved through torture, will not stand up in court.

For the past 10 years, American children have absorbed these moral contradictions, and now they are fighting US wars. The video doesn't surprise me, but it makes me incredibly sad; not just for them, but also for us. We will prosecute these men for desecrating the dead while maintaining that it is OK to torture the living.

I hope someone else knows how to explain that to our soldiers, because I don't have the faintest idea

tliet – April 09, 2012 01:19AM Reply Quote
It's been said many times already, but I think this is conclusive proof that the terrorists have won. When the supreme court has to come up with logic that would not look out of place in 1939 Germany I don't think there's any way back. At least, I'm having trouble imagining new legislation that will try to repair this.

I don't think I'll visit the US ever again I'm afraid. Which is unfortunate since I have a dear friend living in NYC.

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