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goodbye old archnemesis

bahamut's Avatar Picture bahamut – August 24, 2011 06:09PM Reply Quote

El Jeffe – August 13, 2017 07:50AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Why oh WHY have I been unawarz?
Probably my MOST FAVORITE JOBS moment captured on video.
He most uncharacteristically lets his guard/hair down on this, imo. He looks to be AUTHENTICALLY ENJOYING being a bit of a 'bad boy' playing this HILARIOUSLY INNAPROPRIATE (for Apple/Mac folks) clip by Adam Curry.
Wow. Makes me wonder if time had gone by, and Steve retired or got displaced again, if he would not RELISH poking fun/jibes back at the "CRAPPY MAC" ????


Seriously, watch and re-watch Jobs. He does NOT look pissed off... he looks like a little boy that knew EXACTLY what chaos he was going to throw at folks. So GENUINE a reaction. LOVE IT

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