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rino's Avatar Picture rino – December 11, 2007 09:54AM Reply Quote
Generally miffed at something? Let the world know.

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El Jeffe – December 12, 2014 06:19PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
again, perfect socialism, with no money would be best. Just ain't gonna happen between humans.
trust me on the medical bills/insurance/government this or that crap... I more than feel your pain. I reached my max out of pocket before Feb. And I fear I might hit my MAX LIFETIME benefit at some point. On the plus side... Sugar Cookie Peeps makes me feel better for the moment. Have some.. send me the bill.

ddt – December 12, 2014 06:41PM Reply Quote
Ugh, horrible. And you can't get the doctor's office to rebill the insurance company? After being run over by a truck (literally) and a week in hospital, I was on the phone every day for a month (literally) with Blue Shield, including one time BS swore the doctor's office didn't file with them so I was liable. But I got the doctor to file again, saying I sure as hell wasn't going to reimburse them for not running their billing office properly and come and sue me because you'll lose. They corrected their paperwork, I got an updated EOB, happily sent a check for my co-pay.


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ARL (Moderator) – December 12, 2014 09:40PM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!
Fuck Blue Shield of California and fuck the system that optimizes returns so that the structures of "who's responsible" are so intentionally opaque and geared to deny you every nickel and dime. I need physical therapy, and the best place -- which works with Blue Shield of California EPO plan holders (which is what I have) -- is considered "out of network" for my plan, because of my ZIP code. Literally, if I lived three blocks away, cool.

This PT place worked with other BS EPO plan holders by getting BS to send a letter stating they will pay the provider at PPO rates. But again, that's not an option for me. The Continuity of Care division (how Orwellian) used to be the place to allow this, but as of a few months ago they only allow critical care and only if that provider worked with you before.

My only recourses are a) pay cash, out of pocket b) file requests for each visit, code the procedures, see if they'll pay for part of it c) go find somewhere else miles away that doesn't provide good, specialized care (already looked, closest passable place is almost 20 miles away and busy).

Fuck y'all who say the market rooolz and fuck the invisible hand, which is currently giving me an unrequired and unrequested prostate exam.


Sounds like you need some socialised medicine, citizen!

James DeBenedetti – December 13, 2014 12:41AM Reply Quote
Jeffe - no more lifetime max under Obamacare.

dharlow - tell your money grubbing doctor to bill under the proper (probably lower paying) contract.

ddt - probably can't help you. Is your plan through Covered California?

ddt – December 13, 2014 01:47AM Reply Quote
No, group plan through UC Berkeley alum association. When I called them to see why my plan went from PPO to EPO and could I change it so I could get crossover PPO benefits, they told me it was managed by Marsh Insurance. When I called them, they told me to call Mercer Insurance, their broker. On hold with them for 30min, snotty dude told me he was busy, and this wasn't his problem anyway, I need to call Blue Shield. As hour two began, Blue Shield put me on hold, told me I need to talk to Continuity of Care, but when I asked for the number in case we were disconnected, that took 20min because their directory had changed and the agent on the line had to read up on CoC's new mandate, which now said they only deal with critical care cases. So turns out I'm SOL on that. I can pay out of pocket, file a claim on my own, and hope they deign to make an exception and pay part of it. Makes it hard to budget and plan for care.

But hey, free market. Guvmint would be miles of red tape.


James DeBenedetti – December 13, 2014 02:15AM Reply Quote

You should check out Covered California. You could have a new plan effective Jan 1 (if you sign up by Dec 15), which may have the physical therapist you want, with a lower (tax subsidized) premium to boot. Just make sure you compare the benefits and provider options before changing.

El Jeffe – December 13, 2014 07:47AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
James DeBenedetti
Jeffe - no more lifetime max under Obamacare.

dharlow - tell your money grubbing doctor to bill under the proper (probably lower paying) contract.

ddt - probably can't help you. Is your plan through Covered California?

Ok. Been working too hard to worry about stuff that far out! :)
(for instance, two pages overnight/morning... I love IT WORK!!!!!!)

ddt – December 13, 2014 04:04PM Reply Quote
Thanks, James -- I'd already applied and checked out the Covered California options (the process wasn't bad at all, though there were a few microinteractions (format of phone numbers, etc.) that could be better) and all except the lowest options were more money per month than what I have, and still Blue Shield or Kaiser EPO (didn't even look at the HMO options). Copays were more, deductible never less than $2000/yr. I'm tempted to jump ship to Kaiser, as they've shown more corporate responsibility, but I still would have to take the same steps to see the people I wanted to see.


El Jeffe – December 13, 2014 04:58PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I'd be interested to know, but don't have the desire or motivation to go through it all, but I'm guessing between $10,000 - $15,000 a year goes outward from me that wouldn't if we were perfect beings that required no fixing. I know that in the past 20 years, I've had probably 3 or 4 over $100,000 value of medical services consumed years.

bahamut – December 24, 2014 12:59AM Reply Quote

Because I don't have a job but we have a winter solstice tradition of having Santa bring additions to the track we have. I used to spend $150 on it or so. I can't anymore. The crazy thing is that Lionel has jacked the prices so high. Look the damn train cars are just little bits of plastic with some wheels attached, nothing complex or impressive. But they retail for $75 and up. WTF? Fuck you Lionel.

El Jeffe – December 24, 2014 08:12AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I/We could never afford Lionel in the 70s.Always had the other, cheaper stuff.

Are there NOT any "Cheap China" knock-offs? I have not looked into train stuff in years.

I assume you're talking "O" gauge? Must be metal/plastic, right? Not just (all/entirely) plastic, right?

ebay search: http://tinyurl.com/m8jfjg3
Curves: $2.75 OR MAKE OFFER - http://tinyurl.com/o2ggwgs
Straights: $1.89 (S&Htoo) - http://tinyurl.com/nlv3rch

Also, check local craigslist. Not sure where local is to you...
$30 for some cars near me - http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/for/4790172933.html

Just watched ELF... caught sight of the little 'N' gauge train. I always wanted one of those little suckers.

bahamut – December 24, 2014 09:22AM Reply Quote
I don't see any metal on O gauge besides wheel axles and some minor stuff like that. It's not the track thats pricey, it's the trains. I bid on one that's kind of busted up. Such is my christmas.

El Jeffe – December 24, 2014 09:34AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
If you like those in the CL ad I posted, let me know if I can help you out. I have no clue what shipping would be to where you are, or when they'd arrive.

bahamut – December 25, 2014 12:53PM Reply Quote
Thanks, El Jeffe, it was something I need for Xmas morning which is over now.

I got about $50 worth of stuff. Shopped wisely. Still, kind of bowled over by the expense for what it is. High quality or durable this stuff isn't. Guess it's not really meant to be a toy. Or to be used. Or anything.

El Jeffe – December 25, 2014 01:32PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
np. hope it worked out.

bahamut – January 02, 2015 10:53AM Reply Quote
Windows. Has anybody used this crap? My son has a macbook on which he has both Windows and the Mac OS. The Windows side is always full of malware, adware, and viruses. AND I have Symantec installed. What gives?

Cloudscout – January 02, 2015 11:00AM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
Symantec for one thing. Install Microsoft Security Essentials instead. It's free and I have had zero malware issues since I started using it several years ago.

Mokers (Moderator) – January 02, 2015 03:05PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
Windows 8.1 with classic shell has been great for me when I need to use it. If you are using Windows XP, throw it away as it is a security nightmare. Security Essentials is good. If you want some more control, I recommend eset for most people.

ARL (Moderator) – January 02, 2015 08:09PM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!
I second the MS security essentials suggestion

I find Windows 8 to be unusable.

How do you setup "classic shell" on Windows 8.1?

Cloudscout – January 02, 2015 08:45PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
I love Windows 8.1

I hate Windows 8.1

How is that? Windows 8.1 is a fantastic operating system if you're using a tablet or a hybrid tablet/laptop/convertible type device. There is a bit of a learning curve and they definitely got a lot of things flat out wrong but it's not the abomination that Windows 8.0 was.

Classic Shell can be obtained here:


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