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MacOS X a dog or just in need of a good bitch slap?

Dr Phred's Avatar Picture Dr Phred (Moderator) – December 10, 2007 03:05PM Reply Quote
Can't keep a good topic down....

owned by the mothership.

Dr. Strangelove – March 18, 2008 12:16PM Reply Quote
Thanks Mokers. I don't see that in Tiger, so I guess it's new to Leopard.

ddt – March 19, 2008 11:09AM Reply Quote
not sure where to put this, but using clamAV for the first time in a long while and i'm amazed at the UI issues. no indicator in the app that it's actually running a scan; starting a scan requires selecting a target, hitting "Stop Scan" even when a scan isn't running to turn the button to "Start Scan"; no progress bar. that's just after a quick look.


Mokers (Moderator) – March 20, 2008 12:14AM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin

Cloudscout – March 20, 2008 12:20AM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
My sister will be thrilled. She just bought one on the employee auction.

Dr. Strangelove – March 20, 2008 03:24PM Reply Quote
So, I upgraded to Leopard, and I expect the first pass of Time Machine to take a while, but after 3 hours the progress bar is at 600MB of 120 GB. Let's see, if that's accurate, that's about ... 25 days. So, is the progress bar just FUBAR (as they often are), or is something wronger going on? This is backing up to a external disk via a FW 400 connection.

Mokers (Moderator) – March 20, 2008 03:32PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
I think something is fucked. I use a FW400 as well to back up about 90GB and the initial process didn't take nearly as long.

Dr. Strangelove – March 20, 2008 03:40PM Reply Quote
Well, 15 minutes later it's up to 3.6 GB, so maybe it's just the progress bar.

Cloudscout – March 20, 2008 08:06PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
By the way, the Time Machine and AirPort Update that came out yesterday fixes the slow wireless LAN performance problem. If anybody here installed that delayedACK fix that I posted about the other day, you'll want to remove it.

Open Terminal.app and type:

sudo rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/delayedACK

My Access Point is in my basement and I'm upstairs right now with several plaster walls between myself and the AP and I'm getting 13Mbps transferring files from my Mac Pro (which is connected to the AP via Ethernet). This is much better than the 0.3Mbps I was getting before.

Dr Phred (Moderator) – March 21, 2008 12:06PM Reply Quote
owned by the mothership.
The airport and time capsule update took down my entire network at work yesterday. What fun. Got most of the way through the update and then everyone lost connection to everything else on the network.
What fun.

Dr. Strangelove – March 24, 2008 11:00AM Reply Quote
I'm still trying to figure out if TM is behaving properly on my machine. It seems extremely slow. Apparently it finished its initial backup and did some more over the weekend. We seem to have lost power over the weekend; when I logged into my machine an hour ago, it started "preparing" to backup, and is still doing so ... that seems excessive.

If I look at the Activity monitor, the Finder is pulling down about 50 - 60 % of the CPU. (I don't see a separate TM process.) Disk activity is primarily reading, not writing. Is there utility that will tell me which disk is being read/written and or tell me the throughput to/from that disk?

Edit: 'nother question. I assume people exclude their TM disk from spotlight in the "Privacy" pane? Same for any clones of the system disk that might be mounted?

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El Jeffe – March 24, 2008 11:12AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Okay, here is a question, has anyone HERE done a (good-sized) restore using any of the new ways/architecture to take backups? (Time Machine, Time Capsule, etc)

I gotta tell you, HDs are getting so cheap, I'll likely buy a 750 or 1TB in the near future.

What a journey.

stan adams – March 24, 2008 11:18AM Reply Quote
Dr. SL:

iostat will at least give you clue as to whether there are really disk reads& writes happening and what is the source/target:


Dr. Strangelove – March 24, 2008 11:26AM Reply Quote
I did some googling and came across this blog post describing this problem. Following some of the suggestions, I (a) turned off spotlight indexing of the TM disk (I would think that this would be automatic ... hello, Apple?!?), and (b) reformatted my TM disk as GUID, not Apple partition map. (I had formatted it myself, but it defaulted to Apple partition map, not sure how Disk Utility decides this (I'm doing this on a G5, maybe that's the reason).) It's not clear what made the difference, but TM seems much faster now, about 1GB per minute for the first couple minutes.

johnny k – March 24, 2008 11:50AM Reply Quote
Dr. Strangelove
I assume people exclude their TM disk from spotlight in the "Privacy" pane?

I don't. It's another way to find something that has been deleted or changed. Doesn't seem to pollute the results, anyway. But if there's a speed advantage, I'd probably exclude it.

Mokers (Moderator) – March 24, 2008 01:16PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
Dr. Strangelove,

GUID might make the difference. I use spotlight on another drive that has a GUID recovery partition where I have a small OS X install plus some disk utilities. Have not tried it on Apple Parition Map.

bahamut – March 27, 2008 06:17AM Reply Quote
usually don't not impressed by their posts, but this time, they hit the nail on the head.


rino – March 27, 2008 06:46AM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
3D file browser!


Yes, not a bad view overall of challenges. I'd think they will find something new to make it inevitable by using new technology.

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Madaracs – April 02, 2008 06:58PM Reply Quote
Ooh! Scary! Scary! Don't we look mean? You can't see me! But I can see you!
So my mac is making this noise when it boots up. It never made it before but after the most recent updates it's--- chirping?

Also, everything seems to be running very slow.

Responsiveness has gone way down all of the sudden.

Mac OS 10.5.2
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac 20" with 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

Anyone else having issues?

rino – April 02, 2008 07:07PM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
Oh, I've got issues!

tomierna (Admin) – April 02, 2008 09:42PM Reply Quote
Hideously Unnatural
Chirping can indicate a hard drive going bad.

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