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iBox (the hardware)

Cloudscout's Avatar Picture Cloudscout – January 14, 2008 03:08PM Reply Quote
Box mini
Box Pro
BoxBook Pro

The more the boxes change, the more they stay the same... or don't.

(talk about the hardware here)

YDD – November 17, 2008 03:18PM Reply Quote

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory
That's very, very interesting. If the GPU and CPU can access the same memory space without memcpy acrobatics..... that's back to the standard of the vector processing mainframes.

John Willoughby – November 17, 2008 11:18PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support

ARL (Moderator) – December 03, 2008 10:33PM Reply Quote
Well, I bit the bullet and ordered a shiny new 24" iMac today. Tomorrow I might order a MacBook.

Happy Christmas to me!


El Jeffe – December 03, 2008 10:59PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Sounds like you might have some spare macs. :)

John Willoughby – December 04, 2008 11:52AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Yeah, but they all have 'Stralian accents.

El Jeffe – December 04, 2008 12:03PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
And do they have to be set on the desktop, up-side down?

John Willoughby – December 04, 2008 01:33PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
And fed Vegemite.

ARL (Moderator) – December 04, 2008 07:06PM Reply Quote
Only tourists eat Vegemite. I can't stand the stuff.

Madaracs – December 05, 2008 10:25AM Reply Quote
Ooh! Scary! Scary! Don't we look mean? You can't see me! But I can see you!
And that's just because of Men at Work's [one of the best bands ever!] 'Down Under'.

ARL (Moderator) – December 08, 2008 10:19PM Reply Quote
Got my shiny new Mac yesterday. It was made very welcome.

OMG, OMG - 100+ fps in wow (even in Alterac Valley!!! I used to get 5-6 on a good day) with the graphics maxed out. Woot! I no longer pwn the graveyard! Bless your little cotton socks, nVidia 512Mb graphics card!

Guess I should think about doing actual work on it now though...

Not so wild about the new keyboard. Don't like the feel of it. Caps lock is a bit iffy. Still, no biggy...

Ah, shiny post-purchase warm fuzzy glow...

rino – December 09, 2008 12:31AM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
oh -- that sounds great T. I can't wait to upgrade. Stopped in at Apple store on Sunday drooling.

ARL (Moderator) – December 09, 2008 02:49AM Reply Quote
Oh, Joy! iPhoto loads in about 0.5 of a second. On the iMac G5 it was oh, 20+

Haven't tested importing photos yet but I think my "operation go-slow: OSX-PPC" theory is gaining credibility...

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Dave Loudin – December 09, 2008 03:07PM Reply Quote
Looks like 15 in Macbook Pros have nVidia chips with bad bumps.

John Willoughby – December 09, 2008 03:38PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Yeah, but it's a leap to say that they MUST share the same problem as the earlier chips. You KNOW Apple looked at these chips pretty damned hard before shipping more MBP's with nVidia chips. When my 8600M went bad, it didn't just glitch when the system was hot, it died utterly and I lost video out and had a black screen. nVidia's had some driver issues on Mac OS, too, and I blame a lot of this stuff on them.

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stan adams – January 07, 2009 10:25PM Reply Quote
Fascinating: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/09/01/06/a_closer_look_at_apples_advanced_notebook_battery_tech.html

All completely made up, of course, the only reason TSO allowed the 17" MBP to have a non-replacable battery was to pissed off baha...

El Jeffe – January 07, 2009 10:56PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I totally agree.

Dr Phred (Moderator) – January 21, 2009 10:19AM Reply Quote
owned by the mothership.
White Macbook s updated today to the new nvidea chipsets.

Jeff Cooper – January 21, 2009 10:29AM Reply Quote
And still with Firewire. Nice.

Dr Phred (Moderator) – January 21, 2009 11:05AM Reply Quote
owned by the mothership.
So you now get 2GB of RAM, decent graphics, DVI, firewire and still $999. Good deal.

bahamut – January 22, 2009 10:35PM Reply Quote
cook orphaned the 2.0 unibody.

oh, anniversary came and went. Brown grenades clogging the hershey highway? doesn't seem like apple can get its products out the chute.

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