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Bahoot? Kersplat!

bahamut's Avatar Picture bahamut – December 09, 2007 10:56PM Reply Quote
Well, it's about time.

bahamut – November 30, 2015 10:20AM Reply Quote
That's actually not true, JW. It depends on how big your TV is. See here. http://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/size-to-distance-relationship

I have a 70" 4K TV and while it is unbelievable up close, it is kind of too much, with a kind of iMAX/Vertigo effect. And there's just no question that it is way sharper and clearer at our couch than the old one was.

I did turn off the snooping. It's in the settings, something about turn off Smart Browsing or Viewing.

It hardly matters though. I was talking to someone who has installed a massive WiFI network and has also worked with ad companies and he said Minority Report is already here, that there is no question that companies can identify you based on your MAC address. The only question is, do they do it yet and how much do they want to do that in your face?

El Jeffe – November 30, 2015 10:27AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I think one's visual acuity plays a part.
Plus, I bet some anecdotal input stimulus probably also plays a part. Kind of like seeing the flicker of a planet transiting it's star, even though we can't resolve down to planet size, we still have additional sensory data.
And our brains might 'feel' the better resolution.

Or, am I full of cruft?

ddt – November 30, 2015 11:08AM Reply Quote
Yes, I'm sure headphones or speakers that sound totally perfect to me would spur Mr. Ierna to take a hatchet to them. Or me, for making him listen to them.

(Just kidding, I know he is a peaceful man. He'd just throw the crappy stuff out.)


Cloudscout – November 30, 2015 12:17PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
I have firewall rules set up to block my IP cameras and my Vizio TVs from reaching the Internet.

James DeBenedetti – November 30, 2015 07:42PM Reply Quote

johnny k – November 30, 2015 08:23PM Reply Quote
I thought that was brilliant. Now I want to get an iPad Pro, too. Just to find where the pain points are for myself and come up with ideas to solve them. There's a good chance that this could spark the next gold rush of apps, desktop-class this time.

El Jeffe – November 30, 2015 08:28PM Reply Quote
What a journey.

ARL (Moderator) – November 30, 2015 10:03PM Reply Quote
The article makes valid points. And yet I'd never consider an iPad (of any size) for doing "real work"

ddt – November 30, 2015 11:33PM Reply Quote
Johnny, I've heard a lot of developers say that can't justify building desktop-class apps for iOS because nobody will pay enough per app to recoup the dev and support costs. Do you think that'll change with the iPad Pro?


johnny k – December 01, 2015 12:20AM Reply Quote
Yes. The only prerequisite is that the iPad Pro gets a large enough user base on its own.

The apps that are needed to make iPad Pro a Mac replacement are by definition professional apps, so I don't see a problem in transferring mid-range pricing, especially if developers with an existing brand move it to iOS. After I paid $40 for Pixelmator on Mac (to do Photoshop's job!), $10 or $20 for the iPad version doesn't seem hard to justify (though it's only $2 right now!). I just did that with Ulysses. Omni is still around, aren't they? For business, it's nothing. If Apple actually started to differentiate the iPad version of iOS, that would help delineate where you're no longer in freemium world.

I think the minor backlash from developers will finally lead more to separate themselves and charge real money. Many will fail, of course. Perhaps the winning strategy is a subscription model, a la Office 360 and Adobe CC.

El Jeffe – December 01, 2015 06:05AM Reply Quote
What a journey.

John Willoughby – December 01, 2015 11:37AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
I'd just use a MacBook Pron.

Mokers (Moderator) – December 01, 2015 11:46AM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
Eh, I thought it was OK snark. I mean, he uses the fact that Apple made the Photos app shittier than iPhoto as a plus. And I am going to laugh when Apple changes to a new port and he has to use an adapter for his lightning port. I can't use an iPad pro until Fusion or Parallels run on it, so I'll stick with my MBP. Of course, there will be plenty of people who want these and will want companies like the one I work for to make them work in their workflow, so I'm not complaining, but I am sensing a lot of RDF in the reviews of this thing.

El Jeffe – December 01, 2015 12:59PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Tell me WHY has Apple NOT given us an iOS emulator/virtual machine for their desktop/portable Mac OS X hardware yet?
That would/could help.

johnny k – December 01, 2015 02:40PM Reply Quote
Running iOS on Mac? Install Xcode. Running Mac on iOS? Apple won't endorse that since it involves looking backward. But you can get a VNC client, of course.

Remy, I'm looking forward to finding out whether Photos is indeed shittier than iPhoto (which I already thought was shitty). I've heard good things about it, even at v1.0.

Overall, I recognize the RDF needed to accept the article's premise right now, but when we come back to it in a few years, it'll read as the opposite of that famous Slashdot comment on the iPod. The iPad Pro is obviously limited for power users, but we all know by now not to buy v1 of any Apple hardware. It's a sure bet to evolve. The interesting thing is that Apple is embracing Microsoft's philosophy of no compromises on the hardware level, but pointedly not the software level.

WRT ports specifically, I think the Lightning headphone jack rumors indicate the future—I don't lament that because I haven't used wired headphones for 8 years. Most peripherals will be wireless, with Lightning/USB-C when bandwidth/power is needed.

John Willoughby – December 01, 2015 02:44PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Well, the XCode has an iOS emulator, but it is hardly seamless. I think that Apple wants to make sure that developers target native apps. If the Mac could seamlessly run iOS apps, developers might not see any reason to code Mac-specific versions of their apps. The Mac App Store is anemic enough already.

El Jeffe – December 01, 2015 02:50PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Still want...

John Willoughby – December 01, 2015 02:52PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
If Apple was the kind of company that did what we wanted, I'd have a MacBook Pro with a modern, discrete video card.

El Jeffe – December 01, 2015 03:47PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I want an Autotrader app. Not crappy safari. The app.
and others. it exists on iOS. just make it work in Mac OS via emulator. Should not hurt any plans anyone has.

Mokers (Moderator) – December 01, 2015 04:52PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
Nope, but I do need to run Windows or Linux as part of tasks for my job. iPad pro can't do that, so I am out of luck. And yes, I can see this is version 1.0 and it needs time to bake, but I see too much "you don't get it" or "you're not thinking the right way" in defense of the iPad. I'll think it is an alternative when it makes sense to me, but right now it is really far away. I think they made some evolutionary changes to make iOS translate to a larger screen, but I just don't see the revolution right now.

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