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Bahoot? Kersplat!

bahamut's Avatar Picture bahamut – December 09, 2007 10:56PM Reply Quote
Well, it's about time.

John Willoughby – April 17, 2018 11:30PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Yeah, I get the feeling that Apple is coasting these days. Still pulling in mad money from the iPhone, but running out of momentum.

dharlow – April 18, 2018 12:56AM Reply Quote
This is going to become a PR nightmare for them.

El Jeffe – April 18, 2018 04:05AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
that's why imo there is NO REASON to have all-in-one designs. That's why I have like five Mac Minis.

ARL (Moderator) – April 18, 2018 06:27AM Reply Quote
Apple is not even being subtle about how they want their Mac market to either move to an iPad Pro, an ever thinner MacBook (and then eventually to an iPad Pro) or just to another platform altogether.

I feel like the iMac Pro may be Apple's Amiga A4000...

Mokers (Moderator) – April 18, 2018 07:15PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
I understand that the apple store may not want to repair certain things if there is certain types of damage, but the fact that apple is selling an item and won't let anybody ger parts or get certified is really dumb. And this is the pro machine...

El Jeffe – April 18, 2018 07:20PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
When we just bought my son his iPhone 8, the ONLY guidance/help he got from the Apple Store employee was "If you break the glass (back) it's $250... or you can buy AppleCare". I thought GEEZ!!!!

John Willoughby – April 18, 2018 10:46PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
I understand that the apple store may not want to repair certain things if there is certain types of damage, but the fact that apple is selling an item and won't let anybody ger parts or get certified is really dumb. And this is the pro machine...

AppleInsider says that allegation is untrue.

Mokers (Moderator) – April 19, 2018 12:06AM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
That AppleInsider piece does have some interesting points, but it seemed like they were more interested in getting sick burns on the Youtuber than anything else.

I don't like that they didn't link to the original video, because you then need to rely on their description, which is slightly off in a few ways. Sure you don't want to give the clickbait clicks, but the channel has 5 million subscribers, so just make it easier for your reader.

I wish they would have elaborated about the repair certification. The video says that there is no certification available, while the article says that training materials have been available for a while. The training materials and the certification are completely different. The way it is written the video and appleinsider article could be correct.

What I dislike most is this idea that Apple knows best what you should do with your hardware. If the repair was going to be $5500 on a $5000 computer, apple should just say that. If they had just said that. Most people are just going to buy a new system!

Apple insider could have provided course numbers for the training along with part numbers and costs for the components. That would have proven their point, but instead it seems like they are just going into a pissing match.

El Jeffe – April 19, 2018 07:10AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Ok. Really pisses me off if those guys were lying or hiding details. Still I prefer cpu detached from screens.

johnny k – April 19, 2018 08:03AM Reply Quote
AppleInsider was one of the first Mac news sites to go cheerleader in their tone. Beleaguered partisans like reading confirming sources.

John Willoughby – April 19, 2018 12:07PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
I kind of feel that both the original video and the apple insider article were pretty strongly biased.

I completely agree with the point, if true, that disassembling your computer and then breaking the most expensive parts should not be covered under warranty.

I also agree that, if the expense would be prohibitive for repair out of warranty, the customer should be told that and given the option of purchasing a new computer.

Mokers (Moderator) – April 19, 2018 12:59PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
The original video and the AI article both had click bait headlines. If you watch the video, they actually don't care that Apple wouldn't fix their computer. But they are trolling apple about not being able to find parts for their most powerful computer. The AI article shits all over the video, but in the end, they admit that parts availability is an issue!

The problem is that Apple's secretive behavior makes people want to believe the troll video. So even if it is possible to get certified like the AI article says, and Apple isn't refusing to repair devices that you haven't taken apart, Apple comes out looking terrible.

ddt – August 07, 2018 04:57PM Reply Quote
Maybe a kersplat for the "people will use Alexa to buy things"?


I don't know, was that a big business goal of the project for Amazon? Or were they thinking... dunno, this will sell more Amazon Prime memberships?


Roger – August 07, 2018 05:41PM Reply Quote
Or advertising? These always-on listening devices seem to be doing more and more surreptitious keyword-mining of what people talk about near them.

dharlow – August 13, 2018 04:25PM Reply Quote

bahamut – August 13, 2018 09:45PM Reply Quote

bahamut – September 12, 2018 03:48PM Reply Quote
It strikes me that Mojave is the first Mac OS that I have no interest in upgrading to. Dark Mode sounds good. Weren't Stacks first supposed to be on the Mac in what, 2003? If it didn't work then, it won't work now. But I'm afraid of what I'm going to lose with the end of 32-bit apps. I've used iView/Expression Media/Media Pro for years and have an old but huge image catalog in it. I'd hate to kill it

El Jeffe – September 12, 2018 05:59PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
eSIMs... yay. That is why I was going to buy an iPad+LTE... step off plane, buy data plan from the device... GO!
Now, maybe my iPhone will be the solution?

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