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Bahoot? Kersplat!

bahamut's Avatar Picture bahamut – December 09, 2007 10:56PM Reply Quote
Well, it's about time.

John Willoughby – December 02, 2017 04:59PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Not good if the iOS issue has a macOS counterpart.

ARL (Moderator) – December 02, 2017 08:34PM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!
To steal Baha's phrase: "off the rails..."

bahamut – December 03, 2017 09:31AM Reply Quote
Re amazon...

I use amazon once a day or more in average, so statistically I’m noticing the problems. I am blaming cyber monday for some of this as the holidays delivery folks are extra bad.

The up side is when I order something expensive, it is misdelivered, and I get it after I got the refund. The down side is last time it took me an hour to get a refund of $12 applied for something that never arrived. I did get a third $350 PA free that way.

I wonder why amazon can’t fire these delivery people. Or do they only work a week and then quit? It’s unclear to me.

As for Steve, part of it is the rosy glasses of hindsight. There was plenty of crazy bad crap then. PowerBook USB jelly! The puck. Titanium PowerBook paint that flecked off due to sweat contact. Lots of crazy bad UI in the early OS X releases.

But yes, lot of issues today...

Why is selecting text on iOS so bad?
Why is iCloud such a shit? I went overseas and added a 4GB directory to iCloud. When I wanted to work on it, on a plane without WiFi, the directory had the little cloud next to it. WTF? I have 455 GB free on the damn laptop and I added the directory on that very machine! I have organize files turned off. Plus this add happened last week. How the fuck hard is it to assume that I want that directory?

bahamut – December 03, 2017 09:34AM Reply Quote

El Jeffe – December 03, 2017 09:45AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
fone company 1985 break-up
and amazon dismantling normal commerce.


Mokers (Moderator) – December 03, 2017 10:09AM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
Man I thought I was the only person who couldn't select text in iOS!

El Jeffe – December 03, 2017 10:32AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
mouse/mousing is SO GOOD for selecting text, imo. Just like paddle controllers were good for MANY GAMES on Atari.

ddt – December 03, 2017 02:03PM Reply Quote
Ha, yeah, I was blaming myself for fat fingertips in terms of having trouble selecting text on iOS (and typing on iOS). Of course, we could all here just have fat fingertips. But it's not just youse.


El Jeffe – December 03, 2017 02:23PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I can't type in iOS any longer to save my soul. I mess up every single word, multiple times. I just use siri/dictate.

johnny k – December 03, 2017 05:25PM Reply Quote
I was happy when one of my favorite features from Windows Phone, the swiping keyboard, made it as an extension on iOS. It's very good at turning lazy swipes into the words you meant.

ARL (Moderator) – December 03, 2017 07:41PM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!
There's so many times I've wanted to select certain text, or move the cursor to a certain point, where after 5 minutes of whack-a-mole I just delete the lot and start from scratch.

What worries me is it's getting worse, not better.

El Jeffe – December 03, 2017 07:48PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
again, siri / dictation. I don't even feel like a lout doing it now.

ddt – December 03, 2017 10:16PM Reply Quote
Funny, was just listening to ATP and they talk about this, too. Same issues.


El Jeffe – December 04, 2017 04:57AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Assuming Accidental Tech Podcast? Never heard of it. Will take a listen.

ddt – December 04, 2017 08:52AM Reply Quote
Oh, I'd have thought you'd have been all over that, Jeffe. Macs, cars, and... well, macs and cars. Some names I'm sure you'd recognize.


bahamut – December 04, 2017 06:40PM Reply Quote
El Jeffe
I can't type in iOS any longer to save my soul. I mess up every single word, multiple times. I just use siri/dictate.

Going to a Plus made a big difference for me.

I guess 11.2 helps a lot with all sorts of little things (Siri search is only semi broken now). But, still.

johnny k – December 06, 2017 11:47AM Reply Quote
Still been having the slowdowns from UserEventAgent. Seemed to go away when I switched from autoset time/date to manual, but eventually it comes back. Sampling the process in Activity Monitor, it appears to be a problem with Centralized Task Scheduling, which squares with the persistent "Month 13 is out of bounds" errors in Console. Seems the thing to do is remove com.apple.cts.plugin from /System/Library/UserEventPlugins, but weirdly, it tells me I don't have permission to do so even with sudo. Any idea of how to move a damn file?

John Willoughby – December 06, 2017 01:10PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Safe boot, and then try to move with sudo? Or boot in single user mode and do it all from the command line.

johnny k – December 06, 2017 05:12PM Reply Quote
Safe boot! Never done that before. That didn't do it alone, but you also have to unlock System Integrity Protection (which prevents malware from messing with system files, makes sense). Everything seems fine now, but I don't know what the side effects of taking the scheduling daemon out. But it'll be back to normal in January!

bahamut – December 07, 2017 11:11PM Reply Quote
The Dell gaming laptop seems like a nice machine. Well built, attractive. Wonder what it will mean to have my son on Windows. I won’t be able to support him. Will he leave the Mac OS fold for good?

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