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Just Health

El Jeffe's Avatar Picture El Jeffe – January 30, 2009 11:15AM Reply Quote
Just health.

bahamut – June 21, 2018 10:26PM Reply Quote
Keep fighting! UGH!!!

ARL (Moderator) – June 22, 2018 01:03AM Reply Quote
El Jeffe
shoulder injury, though I've not done anything to cause it.
And my diagnosis of osteoporosis is bit worst than I thought. spine, hip, neck. Evaluating options.
I am falling apart, again, it seems.
I won't go down without a fight.... (not with ddt, though).

Me too, Jeffe.

Bone-density wise, I'm pretty sprightly if I was a 90 y.o...

El Jeffe – June 22, 2018 06:03AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I want a third opinion... because of my body-RE-plumbing and such... but RECLAST appears to be the nuclear medicinal weapon of choice. ODDLY... it has ties to esophagus cancer (so do bisphosphonates), so I am treading slowly.
Coincidentally, a gentleman at work YOUNGER than me, just fractured HIS hip and discovered he has osteoporosis. My doctor was incredulous.

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