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What sells computers most?

ghidorah's Avatar Picture ghidorah – December 09, 2007 09:50PM Reply Quote
thats right--games.

bahamut – September 29, 2016 03:43PM Reply Quote
Yes, from that same review.


It's almost better to try the Alpha out before learning what components are inside it. The base model includes an Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive and a custom Nvidia GPU based on the popular GeForce 860M. That's why it's better to play the Alpha first, as combining a Core i3 CPU with a middle-of-the-road graphics card doesn't sound like the best way to build a gaming desktop. … And yet, amazingly, the Alpha in many ways works as advertised. The system has been tweaked and optimized to allow it to play nearly any current game at 1,920x1,080 resolution with smooth frame rates, usually by setting the in-game graphics options to medium levels.

bahamut – September 29, 2016 04:18PM Reply Quote
ok ordered. let's see how it does.

John Willoughby – September 29, 2016 07:38PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Let us know!

John Willoughby – October 03, 2016 11:13AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Testing the boundaries of "any publicity is good publicity."

ddt – October 03, 2016 01:36PM Reply Quote
Dang, I thought that'd be a Curt Schilling story.


ARL (Moderator) – October 03, 2016 06:55PM Reply Quote
John Willoughby
Testing the boundaries of "any publicity is good publicity."

GTA to Samsung: "Too soon?"

bahamut – October 04, 2016 06:37PM Reply Quote
Got the Alienware Alpha. It's a pretty little device. Hooked it up to the TV. Got to admit, it's pretty dang nice. Overwatch places, my son is thrilled.

bahamut – October 04, 2016 09:25PM Reply Quote
Wanted to surprise my son with a few games. Looked at reviews for No Man's Sky. WOW. That's a massive flop.

James DeBenedetti – October 04, 2016 11:04PM Reply Quote
It's kinda funny watching the mac section (6:47 mark) in this laptop buying guide.

ARL (Moderator) – October 04, 2016 11:29PM Reply Quote
She does not lie...

Wish I'd watched something like that before buying...

bahamut – October 05, 2016 12:30AM Reply Quote
What are some good Steam games for an 11 year old? Want to give him some surprises when he logs in.
'Got him kerbal space program, that's going to be tough, with all the math! He will love it.
He already has portal, which is fantastic.
And now Overwatch seems to be running well.

James DeBenedetti – October 05, 2016 12:58AM Reply Quote
It depends on what you're willing to let him play. My kids' favorites include Skyrim, WAKFU, Dawn of War II, Terraria, Rust, Castle Crashers, Gauntlet, Magicka, Running with Rifles, ARK: Survival Evolved, UnEpic, Edge of Space, etc. (my 13 year old now has 91 Steam games).

bahamut – October 05, 2016 09:50AM Reply Quote
Thanks, James!

ddt – October 05, 2016 11:42AM Reply Quote
On Steam, I have the Portals, Half-Lives, Undertale, Anomaly Warzone Earth, FTL, Mini Metro, Monaco, and some others -- friends have been talking up Stardew Valley and there's some spaceport janitor game that sounds fun.


johnny k – October 05, 2016 02:22PM Reply Quote
The ones I've backed on KS that I probably mentioned before: If he might like turn-based combat like XCOM but with a medieval style, I like Massive Chalice (made by the guys who made XCOM). Hyperlight Drifter is a beautiful SNES Zelda style game but with lasers. The Flame in the Flood is a post-apocalyptic Huck Finn adventure that I still haven't played yet but has the best artwork of the three.

Though I wonder if kids value the amazing graphics on AAA games more than I do.

Edited to add: Kerbal Space Program looks great! I hope I'll get a chance to dig into games like this when the kids get old enough.

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bahamut – October 05, 2016 09:12PM Reply Quote
Thanks! I decided to pick up Hyperflight Drifter as well. He's a huge Zelda fan.

He's only been playing Overwatch, so he's going to be in for a surprise …

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John Willoughby – October 19, 2016 04:22PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
FYI: The highly addictive game that Johnny K introduced me to, Mini Metro, is now available for iOS and Android.

ARL (Moderator) – October 19, 2016 07:00PM Reply Quote
I've become addicted to that stupid csr racing game. Bad Tony, time-wasting.

John Willoughby – October 21, 2016 10:12AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support

James DeBenedetti – October 21, 2016 12:06PM Reply Quote
Yeah, I saw that - the intro video was kinda cool. $3700 is pretty pricey though, when you can buy what appears to be a decent 4.8 pound dual-drive ASUS model with a 1070 for $1700. I'm going to wait until Apple's announcement next week before I make my decision.

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