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small, furry, loud, dangerous

bahamut's Avatar Picture bahamut – November 15, 2008 09:46AM Reply Quote
a thread about our spawn.

John Willoughby – September 25, 2016 12:53PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
I got my cub scout pocket knife about that age. Cut my thumb deeply with it on the way home from the store. I am gifted.

James DeBenedetti – September 25, 2016 01:30PM Reply Quote
The Dangerous Book for Boys was all the rage a while back.

bahamut – September 25, 2016 08:02PM Reply Quote
He has the dangerous book for boys. Got it too early. Now unlikely to look at it. It's a good tip though.

In other news, we got him and his video-game addicted friends Nerf Lazer Tag guns, which appear to be all but discontinued. Sprung it as a surprise during a party intended to be video game only. Everyone thought they were the coolest thing ever and that ended the video games … They loved it, as did any parent who tried it.

So WTH? Why isn't everyone playing these? They've got these Nerf Blasters which lead to crazy amounts of bullets that I find everywhere. And they are annoying So now they just run around with those guns shooting at each other and screaming. Which is fine, but the Lazer Tag guns were an added dimension.

The kids were… are these new? We've never seen them. WTF?

ARL (Moderator) – November 29, 2016 03:38AM Reply Quote
Had a follow up meeting today with paediatrician.

Seething with frustration & rage at the moment. Don't quite know what to do.

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ARL (Moderator) – November 29, 2016 03:43AM Reply Quote
On a complete tangent. For anyone with kids that are minecraft fans:


Endorsed by Woz!

ARL (Moderator) – November 29, 2016 05:53AM Reply Quote

Was looking up some general stuff about trying to help my daughter "play well with others" while thinking I was still not happy with the official diagnosis as there were so many bits that didn't fit when I came upon this.


Social communication disorder: common characteristics

Children with social communication disorder (SCD) have difficulties using verbal and non-verbal communication appropriately in social situations.

Children with SCD have trouble with:

- communicating appropriately for social purposes – for example, smiling and saying ‘hello’, making eye contact while interacting with someone, or showing something interesting to another person, like pointing to a plane in the sky
- communicating in different ways with different people – for example, speaking differently to children and adults, or communicating differently in a classroom and at a birthday party
- following social ‘rules’ – for example, holding out your hand to shake hands, or taking turns during a conversation
- understanding and using verbal and non-verbal cues – for example, knowing that if a person is looking around while you’re talking, the person might be bored
- understanding the meaning behind words – for example, understanding that someone is warning you that the footpath is slippery when the person says, ‘Careful – the footpath is wet’
- understanding that tone and context make words mean different things sometimes – for example, understanding sarcasm or phrases like ‘I’m over the moon’.

That's basically my daughter's main problems right there, without all the added crap (repetitive behaviours, narrow interests, or ritualistic or compulsive behaviours) they're ticking boxes for that she doesn't do.

John Willoughby – November 29, 2016 11:29AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Sorry that you're having trouble with the doctors, ARL.

We're having trouble with our youngest. She and I had a long heart-to-heart last night. She's an introvert, much like I am, and finds dealing with people enormously stressful. She described school as having to work out an endless series of equations to avoid hurting anybody's feelings, by the time she gets home she's emotionally exhausted, and wants to be able to speak her thoughts freely and vent. This means that she is angry, very profane and hostile dealing with her family. She also wants to be left alone, as much as possible. She's been cutting herself off from her friends, because they don't understand why she doesn't want to spend time with them on the weekends and won't accept that she needs private time.

She was crying because her idea of paradise is being alone in the house with her computer and the TV, and she literally never gets that time by herself.

It's kind of heart-breaking because I don't know how she's going to be able to go forward in life. She doesn't like therapy (a previous attempt resulted in medication that did nothing positive for her and caused other problems), and feels like seeing somebody would just take away more of her private time.

Not sure where this is going. She's been warned that, regardless of her stress level, she has to be polite to her family. On Sundays, when her mom and sister are at church, I'm going to stay upstairs and let her have the morning for herself.

I think that there are deeper issues here, but she's going to have to use a little introspection and tell us what the underlying issues are. I see so much of myself in her that I really feel for her.

El Jeffe – November 29, 2016 04:58PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I know a lot of people that are introverts or have social anxieties.
Main thing I try to do is include them, not judge them (except for ddt ;/ ) and such.
But I also realize for some people it's VERY HARD, and near impossible to cope with it. We have similar situation. Gut wrenching. What seems to be improving is my son's job and being 5 hours away, and having to do it all himself. We've been so worried, but it SEEMS to be working out very well. But it's like it can lapse, too. And totally feel helpless and out of control many many times.
So, not much help, just commiseration.

John Willoughby – November 29, 2016 06:01PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Thanks, El Jeffe, I appreciate it.

John Willoughby – December 11, 2016 01:33AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Against my better judgment, we got our youngest a cat today. It's a four year old adoptee from the Humane Society. The cat is very friendly and nice, but the dog does not like her at all. We haven't let them loose in the same room with each other yet, it's going to be a long process of adaptation..

El Jeffe – December 11, 2016 10:12PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
might be short and bloody

John Willoughby – December 11, 2016 10:42PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Starting to look that way...

ARL (Moderator) – December 11, 2016 11:16PM Reply Quote
Cats are pretty good at putting dogs in their place. On the first meeting, they just need to be on top of something (like a chair/bench/table) so if needed, they can swipe down at the nose of an over-um, enthusiastic dog. The worst is when a cat decides to run and the dog thinks "oh, boy, chasey-biteys!"

Are both cat & dog fully grown and not used to the other species?

John Willoughby – December 12, 2016 11:09AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Yes, they're both fully grown and not happy about sharing the family. I knew it would be rough, but had some hope since the dog is timid about cats when outside. Apparently, on home turf, the instinct to guard her domain is more powerful.

Mokers (Moderator) – December 12, 2016 01:37PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
did anybody get their kiddos balance bikes? If so, what model? My girls are 33" and 31.5" right now. They love being outside so much, trying to find them various activities

ARL (Moderator) – December 12, 2016 05:52PM Reply Quote
did anybody get their kiddos balance bikes? If so, what model? My girls are 33" and 31.5" right now. They love being outside so much, trying to find them various activities

Yep, I did. I got one with an adjustable seat from this mob:


John Willoughby – January 05, 2017 06:06PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
So, my youngest just refused delivery for my Air Pods. Three weeks ago, a courier told her that she couldn't sign for some medicine, so she assumed that she shouldn't sign for anything.


El Jeffe – January 06, 2017 11:49AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
again, I have had a/one "The UPS Store" (nee Mailboxes, etc.) box for well over a decade.
that equals ZERO package delivery problems that I hear others suffer at their homes.
WORTH EVERY PENNY. Packages never outside in elements; always professionally signed and accounted for.
Plus notary public, I cut in front of all lines in store. "Hello, Mr. Smith, ... one moment while I attend to Mr. Smith (next woman in line)"

bahamut – January 06, 2017 10:18PM Reply Quote
I tried to buy Air Pods, not available until 27 Feb. :/

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John Willoughby – January 07, 2017 02:15PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Got mine, with minimal additional struggle. Interesting. I can't get Siri to work. Like at all. I've not fooled around with them much yet, but the two taps on the Air Pod does nothing. Sound quality seemed fine, but I'm no audiophile. I had a couple of minor garbles in music and a period in which I could not get them to work at all for a few minutes. (This was after a serious bout of Air Pod tapping, trying to get Siri to work, so it was probably my fault.)

I need a lot more time with them to have an informed opinion. So far, I like them as headphones. Very light, easy to forget they're there. No data yet on Siri or phone usage.

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