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That Darn Microsoft!

tomierna's Avatar Picture tomierna (Admin) – December 08, 2007 02:34AM Reply Quote
FUD, fear and loathing, cross-platform livin', sickness unto death, enterprise strategies and tactics.

El Jeffe – August 08, 2015 06:45AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
So, since posting that, my win7 just got an Apple Software update pop-up. 2.1.3.
I wonder if that helps/resolves win10 issues? And whether you had applied that?
Googling looks like that is fairly old...?
Hmmm. TONS Of different Boot Camp softies... https://support.apple.com/downloads/macoscomponents

El Jeffe – August 08, 2015 07:23AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Ok. I just now got my update to win 10 notification.
I'll take a full back up and see what happens.

El Jeffe – August 08, 2015 09:15AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
timemachine backup stopped. To be doubly-sure I bought WINCLONE and making another backup of the win7 disk

Wobs – August 08, 2015 11:53AM Reply Quote
Jon was asked by a Big Home Construction firm to Upgrade ALL their office PCs,
and a principals home "Work" Computer. They were upgrading from Windows 7,
but their Internet Connection was SLOW for whatever reason and they were
getting that it would take TWO DAYS to download Win10 to their PCs.

Dunno why, but their Network -- for whatever reason -- required
Individual downloads. BUT like ALL Things MSFT, "Free" Isn't ALWAYS
"Free." Some, Most?, users have to pay either USD $19 or USD $99
per box.

When the guy was talking to Jon about the long download times,
I suggested that Jon should grab a bunch of USB Flash Drives,
put the Full Installer on them and upgrade them all at once to
save the guy money and make Jon's life a bit easier with the
job at hand.

He STILL had to back-up each drive to protect the data & files,
and it STILL took him an entire day to do it, but the guy was SOOO
HAPPY that he doubled the rate and kept Jon "On The Clock," even
though all he was doing at the time was sitting on his ass & Twiddling
his thumbs!

As for their Server, SLOW Connectivity, etc.? Jon told the guy that if the Server
Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It. And he also told the guy that They were being
"Penny-wise and Pound Foolish." Paying for Faster Internet Service for the
Business & @ Home Actually SAVES Money in the long run due to increased
productivity. That IF They Decided to Go Faster, he would oversee the process
of upgrading, including getting Faster Routers for the Firm, Upgrading the
Ethernet, etc. He Offered to do it as a favor, but the guy was so ecstatic that
hr insisted on paying for it 'cuz they KNEW what it would cost them to have
a firm do it for them. Even at Double or Triple the Rate Jon initially agreed to;
under duress 'cuz he offered to do it for free.

Since Monday, Jon's been holding his breath waiting for a panicked call from
them about Crashes & Win10's Version of BSOD Issues! Fingers Crossed, None Yet!

Re: Win10? I keep thinking of that WSJ (?) Article on The Top Reasons For & Against
Windows 10. Including that 1 GB "Service Pack" Looming for Appearance Soon that
"Fixes Bugs in Win10." Right After The Launch? I told Jon to await the call when that
appears on the Slooow Internet for Simultaneous Download & Installation! LOL.

1 GB "Service Pack"? With All the NEW Hardware & Software Bugs Caused By That SP,
he might have to take up residence there for the foreseeable future! Either that or
a panicked request to restore them to Win7! Time Will Tell...

Sorry this was so long.


Wobs – August 08, 2015 12:06PM Reply Quote
BTW. Jon installed Win10 on a partition of that "Super Computer" He Built From
Scratch & Has had NO Issues with the WiFi/Wireless OR the Wired Connectivity.
Then Again, He Continuously Rebuilds The Damn Thing When There's Some
Component That's a "Game Changer" As Far as Performance goes. Even The
Dev Kit VR Set-up he has. One "Horror Demo" is Guaranteed To "Mess Your Pants!"

Mokers (Moderator) – August 08, 2015 02:06PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
Hmm, I havent had an upgrade charge on any of the systems that I have upgraded. I think the upgrade charges happen if you want to upgrade a Windows 7 home system to Windows 10 Pro. If you have Windows 8, it helps to install Windows 8.1 first (it's usually a free upgrade from the Microsoft store). Downloading the full installer to a flash drive is a great idea anyway. lot of people don't know they can do this with OS X as well. Don't forget to run system cleanup to get rid of the Windows.old directory on those PCs. Cleared 20GB from my VM and 25GB from my home PC. yes, that blocks returning to Windows 7, but if a Windows 10 upgrade gets borked, I would recommend a clean install anyway.

El Jeffe – August 08, 2015 02:32PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I thought I saw Fry's had WIn7 for $69 today. Yesterday? I can't keep track of all the deals I see.
$79 on this one. http://www.frys.com/ads/page14#AdNavi
$10 email promo code OFF of that makes it $69 this week. Should be free upgrade. I bought similar and getting free upgrade as I type. (Just rebooted for first Win10 reboot)

Wobs – August 08, 2015 03:21PM Reply Quote
Those USD $19 & USD $99 were a direct quote from that article. None of the boxes Jon
upgraded had any charge, even though they were 10 Pro installs.I'll ask him if he did that
clean-up, but I gather he did. FWIW, when he was in 1st? 2nd? Grade, his teacher "Needed
Help" getting all their PCs Connected, Networked, Printers Connected, and a Brand Spanking
New Fangled USD $20,000 Whiteboard.

Jon piped up that he could do it, "It's Easy, I do it all the time..." Necessity being the
Mother of Mistrust That an 8-9 y/o kid could do what the Teacher & IT Guy for the
School Couldn't: A Parent Night Showcasing ALL This NEW TECH at WORK Was
LOOMING & Tech Support Was WEEKS from coming to the school, the Teacher
Threw Caution to the Wind & Let Jon Have a Try. FWIW, Jon had done pretty much
the same at his Mom's School a Few Weeks Prior,

She gave Jon a pass from classwork & let him at it. A Few Hours Later, EVERYTHING
was humming along, he even dowloaded needed drivers, S/W Updates (installed),
etc. & The Teacher was amazed. She asked where Jon had learned all that, and
he piped up: "My Dad taught me! Since I Was Three!"

After Lunch, the kids returned to class and the Principal was in Their Classroom
Computer Lab Seeing What She THOUGHT would be a Disaster in the making.
Instead, the Teacher asked Jon to Show The Principal How It Worked -- including
how the Whiteboard content went between the boxes & back.

When Jon came home from school, I asked him how his day went, & he told me
he "fixed" his classroom computers, and got to "play around with the New Whiteboard."
He was quite proud "Because they didn't think I could do it!" And that he did such a
good job, he gets to do it for a lot of other classrooms BEFORE Parents Night! LOL

Edited OUT "How 'Advantaged Classes' Work" 'cuz it was way too long & EXPOSED
Way Too Much "About How Things Work"....

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 08/08/2015 03:27PM by Wobs.

El Jeffe – August 08, 2015 04:16PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
dang. first problem. my account is lost???
I had my son come sign in to try and test out xbox streaming and it changed the whole user account to HIS SETTINGS.
my old account is nowhere to be seen.
glad I bought WinClone this morning. Will now backup this messed up image. Restore the win7 image and try installing win10 again and NOT using XBOX app.

El Jeffe – August 08, 2015 05:14PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
restored win7 image.
win7 windows update said it can't be installed on this computer.
Even though I had done it 2 hours prior. ????
so, restored back to win10 image.
and googled and googled... seems if you login (store, xbox, etc) it sort of makes your account a windows live (internet) account.
So, settings > User (accounts) > Sign in with local user account instead.
then, removed the account that had been used for live services.
seems fine now. still need to reboot after scanning.

I think Windows 10 will do well for MS.

Wobs – August 08, 2015 06:07PM Reply Quote
News on that Company's Win10 Saga. RESTORE / REINSTALL Win7. BSOD Type Problems.
WHY DOES It Take s LOT LONGER to Restore What Worked? It's Like What The Companies
Who Reverted to WinXP & Had Entire IT Departments Work a 48 hour Weekend to Do It?

If They Want Win10 -- And They Do -- They have ONE Option, BUY NEW PC's. And
we know from the Win95 Hype Deflation Caused The Tech Sector & NASDAQ to
Nosedive (RFI Forecasted) & That Was The DEATH of "The Book To Bill Ratio" that
Tech Analysts LOVED & HYPED So Much!

In THIS Economy, VERY Few Companies Will "Buy New Boxes" if the Win10 Installer
Barfs all over their enterprise. MAYBE I'm Wrong, I Hope I am, but the Building
Company "Ain't Buying No Stinkin' PCs!" & Jon has his Sunday Booked. Thank God
for all those back-ups he created and saved. Now, he just has to back-up last week's

John Willoughby – August 08, 2015 08:30PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
>hmm. good to know. I just now, last 5 minutes, filled out the reserve my copy on my mac mini 2 Ghz's WIn7.
But, if it's merely the wireless, I'll be ok. I use wired. Anything else not apparently working?

Different people (with different initial versions of Windows and different hardware) variously report missing right-click, all networking (I still had ethernet), and audio.

Tried again today, to try some other recommended work-arounds, but no luck.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/08/2015 08:32PM by John Willoughby.

Mokers (Moderator) – August 08, 2015 09:50PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
Going back involves lots of juju with restore points, etc. Much better to re-install Windows 7. I haven't seen BSOD yet, but I haven't officially deployed to any clients. Still in pilot testing phase.

Wobs – August 08, 2015 10:50PM Reply Quote
I'll relay that to him, but he will probably roll his eyes with the "Uh-DUH!" &
"D'Oh!" left silent.

Like when my Mom would call, and still does, him and say: "Jon! My eBay Won't Work."
"Uh Grandma, you have to login." Note: 1) She MEANT "Her Gmail" and/or eBay
2) I would have detailed the rest of that VERY Long conversation, but it's painful and would get me labeled an ageist!

"My Evil Older Sister" Was the One Who Put Her Into Assisted Living(Dead) Facility.

John Willoughby – August 09, 2015 04:21PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
OK, got the latest set of Boot Camp drivers (not intended for my hardware). Setup.exe wouldn't run, but I could run most of the subordinate installers by themselves. So I got things like the keyboard brightness and sound buttons working, and Bluetooth. Still no wireless.

Device Manager showed an unrecognized "Network Controller". Looked at its Properties, Details, and the first line of Hardware ID's and googled it. Found out that it was for a Broadcom 802.11n Adapter. Did an "Update Driver" for the controller, search my disk, pick from list, Network Adapter, Broadcom, and the first of the three "Broadcom 802.11n Adapters". I installed that driver, bypassing a number of dire warnings about installing this driver without a recognized device, and now my wireless works.

Pretty much everything I've tried, except for the Boot Camp control panel itself, seems to work. A lot of changes since Windows 7. A lot more in-OS advertising than expected. I'm hoping that this is just a "just installed" phenomenon.

John Willoughby – August 09, 2015 04:46PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
So, I can only use Cortana if I tie it to a Microsoft account. And then it changes my device password to be the online account password? Fuck that. So long, Cortana, I never knew ye.

El Jeffe – August 09, 2015 04:58PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
yeah, that whole local vs MS 'online' tie-in is disturbing.

Mokers (Moderator) – August 09, 2015 06:51PM Reply Quote
Formerly Remy Martin
that happened in windows 8/8.1 as well. I already have a microsoft account, so it would not be a big deal. then again, I am an advocate of using the local password only. would be like forcing you to use your appleid to login (don't get any bright ideas apple!)

porruka (Admin) – August 09, 2015 06:55PM Reply Quote
The cat has your pipe.
that happened in windows 8/8.1 as well. I already have a microsoft account, so it would not be a big deal. then again, I am an advocate of using the local password only. would be like forcing you to use your appleid to login (don't get any bright ideas apple!)

Apple can use the Apple ID as a fallback login if you fail enough times, but no, it's not (currently) required.

tomierna (Admin) – August 13, 2015 09:35AM Reply Quote
Hideously Unnatural

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