Following Every Topic by Default

Posted by John Willoughby 
John Willoughby – Following Every Topic by Default – December 08, 2007 03:37PM
Is there a way to default to following every topic unless I say otherwise? If I have to scan each board every day for what's new, I'll miss a lot. Also, this board is currently very slow for me.

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tomierna (Admin)Re: Following Every Topic by Default – December 08, 2007 04:24PM
At the moment, "Following a Topic" does two things, that I can ascertain:

1) It places it in a list which you can see in your "Control Center" for management
2) It allows you to receive an e-mail every time there is a change to the topic.

I don't think #2 is applicable, so I may remove that option completely - I don't know of any reason why people would want *more* email from a system like this.

You don't have to be "Following a Topic" to see what Topics and Forums have new messages. This comes for free when you are a registered user.

It may be that the list which is maintained (#1 above) will be where I tack on "Check Subscriptions" support, but I won't be looking at that project for a bit now.
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