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iBox (the hardware)

Cloudscout's Avatar Picture Cloudscout – January 14, 2008 10:08AM Reply Quote
Box mini
Box Pro
BoxBook Pro

The more the boxes change, the more they stay the same... or don't.

(talk about the hardware here)

El Jeffe – March 28, 2018 12:34PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I really feel an iPad LTE or WISH a notebook LTE would be my perfect travel companion.

James DeBenedetti – March 28, 2018 06:35PM Reply Quote
Johnny - my Apple Pencil has been collecting dust for years, but I'd probably get rid of the iPad and rely on my phone instead if it didn't have the Smart Keyboard.

El Jeffe – March 29, 2018 06:03AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
just thought... iMac --> eMac (edu).
Why did they not do iPad --> ePad (edu).

ddt – March 29, 2018 06:37AM Reply Quote
Or... eMate?

(Remember reviewing that in an SF coffeehouse.)


ARL (Moderator) – March 31, 2018 05:08PM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!
I quite liked the eMates.

Roger – April 02, 2018 03:43PM Reply Quote
jfc, the Space Gray keyboards actually cost more. Return of the Black Tax!

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John Willoughby – April 06, 2018 08:29AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Mac Pro not coming until 2019. I am really surprised that a company with Apple's resources could not do better than this. Or chose not to do better than this.

Cloudscout – April 06, 2018 01:40PM Reply Quote
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!
Do you suppose a new Mac based on their own chips would make the leap to full walled-garden? Only App Store apps allowed?

John Willoughby – April 06, 2018 03:38PM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
I think that's Apple's dream. I don't know if they can push developers into it, though.

El Jeffe – April 06, 2018 04:31PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Do you suppose a new Mac based on their own chips would make the leap to full walled-garden? Only App Store apps allowed?


Also, I think Apple will need to go to an OPT-IN model to be able to deliver more integrated services, in effect tearing down the wall. They hired the google AI guy, and I can't see how they can do it, withOUT opening up more. This does NOT mean "Sell our private data" to everyone, though.

Roger – April 25, 2018 12:05PM Reply Quote
Keyboardgate continues as MBPs go on deeper sale. Apple remains silent on the issue so far.

John Willoughby – May 22, 2018 06:50AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Razer has a new Mac-compatible eGPU box. Looks nice.

They also introduced a new 15.6" Razer Blade laptop. That may end up being the sweet spot for me, not that I can afford to get it for a year or two. I think that I've decided that I don't need 4K on a small screen, and would rather have 1080p driven faster.

My Razer Blades, review recap:

My Razer Blade Pro at 17" with GTX 1080 mini-re-review: Too damn big for comfort, 4K screen often needs to be down-rezed for games, keyboard annoying chiclet, white dust patches quickly appear around ventilation intakes, the usual indifferent Windows trackpad, good audio, good reliability, bright and clear screen, will try to pull more power than its adapter will provide and immediately shut down when it doesn't get it. This means that some games need to be run at a low frame rate, even though CPU and GPU could drive more. This is the real problem with this computer.

Razer Blade Pro 14" Great little computer. Odd screen resolution which means re-scaling for almost every game. GPU powerful enough to drive its non-4K screen. Keyboard not great, but better than the RBP above. No power issues that I noticed. Good reliability, bright and clear screen.

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