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Bahoot? Kersplat!

bahamut's Avatar Picture bahamut – December 09, 2007 05:56PM Reply Quote
Well, it's about time.

ddt – May 16, 2008 02:09PM Reply Quote
maaan... those guys deserve some more compensation for what they've been doing so well, but to be a part of wired? they're above that.

notice how the article says there's little overlap of at's and wired's readership. yeah, the former like content, not sizzle.


El Jeffe – May 16, 2008 02:11PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
I've mentioned before, a guy that sits near me is/was a founder of that place. Just seems strange.

rino – May 17, 2008 06:56AM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.

Wait for the advertising to increase 10 fold and the great in depth stuff to go the wayside.
I much prefer the journals to Wired's attempt at tech news.

Cloudscout – May 17, 2008 09:46PM Reply Quote
Me, I want a hula-hoop.
Most other tech news sites have always been like hamburgers to me while Ars was a nice, juicy steak. I'm sure that won't change in the near future but I fear that 5 years from now, it's going to be candied crap.

Cloudscout – May 23, 2008 06:43PM Reply Quote
Me, I want a hula-hoop.
For reasons they can't share publicly, MacMinute is going away.

ddt – May 25, 2008 05:37AM Reply Quote
aw, utah phillips died.


Cloudscout – May 29, 2008 08:09PM Reply Quote
Me, I want a hula-hoop.
So long, Harvey Korman. You made me laugh many times.

rino – May 30, 2008 05:22AM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
So hard I cried...

Dr. Strangelove – May 30, 2008 05:50AM Reply Quote
Yes, I grew up watching the Carol Burnett Show on Saturday nights. A couple months ago I watched a program (I think it was from the Great Performances series) about Carol's career which brought back lots of great memories about H.K. So long!

ghidorah – May 30, 2008 12:47PM Reply Quote
Raise taxes on cavemen. --jw
What a brilliant, funny man.

Godspeed Hedy.

John Willoughby – May 30, 2008 08:54PM Reply Quote
Make Mordor Great Again!
That's Hedley.

ddt – June 02, 2008 09:50AM Reply Quote
bo diddley, bo diddley, have you heard... .


rino – June 02, 2008 04:14PM Reply Quote
In America, the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich.
and, Yves St. Laurent

and, one of the most prominent women in the museum world: Anne d'Harnoncourt

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bahamut – June 04, 2008 06:42AM Reply Quote
wow. that sucks. i didn't know about her dying. i spent some time in phillie a while back. she was great.

bo diddley, yves. more indescribable losses.

Simon – June 05, 2008 03:34PM Reply Quote

Google paid the least money any of us had ever received on a web design job.


What was that about not being evil?

Dr Phred (Moderator) – June 13, 2008 02:14PM Reply Quote
-Swine Flu free since...cough, cough...
Tim Russert no longer meeting the press, but his maker.

stan adams – June 14, 2008 06:50AM Reply Quote
Just a few weeks ago that Terry McAuliffe( guest on the show) thought Tim's dad was already dead --


Madaracs – June 16, 2008 12:10PM Reply Quote
Ooh! Scary! Scary! Don't we look mean? You can't see me! But I can see you!
I saw that too. I thought of it immediately when I heard Tim Russert passed away...

tomierna (Admin) – June 17, 2008 12:39PM Reply Quote
Hideously Unnatural
Facebook == falling over all day.

ddt – June 17, 2008 01:53PM Reply Quote
thought it was just me.


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