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What sells computers most?

ghidorah's Avatar Picture ghidorah – December 09, 2007 04:50PM Reply Quote
thats right--games.

ddt – February 17, 2017 06:54AM Reply Quote
Yeah, I gave them money before even looking at the games.

Then I realized Guacamelee had a Mac version -- it's charming for the 10min I put into it.

The opening of Stardew Valley is beautiful and both teared me up and soothed me.


John Willoughby – February 17, 2017 06:57AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Stardew was a big draw for me, though gods know when I will have time to play. Playing some Conan Exiles right now. Not bad for an Early Access, survival-genre game.

ddt – February 17, 2017 07:00AM Reply Quote
They're _almost_ the same game!


John Willoughby – February 17, 2017 07:01AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
The similarities are undeniable.

ARL (Moderator) – February 18, 2017 05:03AM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!
Wow, that's amazing value. I don't recognise many of the games though.

James DeBenedetti – February 22, 2017 07:25PM Reply Quote
The sound on my 10 year-old daughter's MacBook Air died, and it looks like the standard solution is a logic board replacement, which probably costs as much as the computer is worth, so we went shopping for a new computer. She decided she wants to build her own gaming PC and record the assembly process for her YouTube channel. The following link is outside her budget, but gives you an indication of what the kids are doing these days with non-Mac hardware (she also wants to be a geologist).


ARL (Moderator) – February 22, 2017 08:40PM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!
A soil person?

James DeBenedetti – February 22, 2017 09:21PM Reply Quote

ARL (Moderator) – February 23, 2017 02:44PM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!
No, I meant "soil people":

ARL (Moderator) – February 23, 2017 02:46PM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!

I actually like geology/geologists - except for the small subset of geologists (and engineers) that decide to become self-appointed climate experts claiming global warming isn't happening.

Ron Burns – February 25, 2017 02:24PM Reply Quote
"We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation." Voltaire
I'm married to one - though she has ended up as a librarian..

El Jeffe – April 05, 2017 01:51PM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Ron, you getting my recent emails?

John Willoughby – April 19, 2017 07:44AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
The original StarCraft is free for Mac and Windows. (updated to play on latest OS's)

They're going to re-issue later this year with upgraded graphics, and those versions won't be free, but the build above will remain free.

ARL (Moderator) – April 19, 2017 03:06PM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!

Would love a re-released standalone warcraft 3.

Never played the original starcraft. Bet my MBP can't cope with the graphics...

James DeBenedetti – April 23, 2017 10:37PM Reply Quote
lol - absolutely insane - look at the size of the shipping container!

El Jeffe – April 24, 2017 02:02AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
that is SO A DESKTOP!

ddt – April 24, 2017 09:05AM Reply Quote
It's an Osborne w/ modern tech.

I mean, it's kind of insane, and ugly, but I have to say there's some interesting i.d. in that, like the magnetic well for the flippable track/number pad.


John Willoughby – April 24, 2017 09:09AM Reply Quote
Cyberdyne Systems Customer Support
Once it's too heavy for my lap, it's not a laptop. It's a luggable. Not a bad thing, if you know what you're getting.

ddt – May 25, 2017 08:22PM Reply Quote
Is it just me or is there no Story Mode available in the iOS versions of the Injustice games? I can't confirm or deny that on my quick searches. I'm interested b/c I keep reading that the story (based on the comic, which is surprisingly good given the terrible mandated ideas its based on) is pretty interesting.


James DeBenedetti – May 30, 2017 09:33PM Reply Quote
Here's your next laptop, JW.

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