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tomierna's Avatar Picture tomierna (Admin) – December 07, 2007 09:37PM Reply Quote
Talk about industry stock market mumbo-jumbo here.

ddt – August 02, 2017 08:02AM Reply Quote
Wait, I thought good AAPL earnings reports meant the stock tanked the next day?


John Willoughby – August 02, 2017 10:37AM Reply Quote
Save us, Lord, from the furries of the Norsemen!
It's waiting to tank over the next iPhone announcement, I think.

johnny k – August 02, 2017 11:13AM Reply Quote
It'll tank on the iPhone 8 price. But they also slot in as the cores for the Mac Pro, which is why that will also cost 10K.

John Willoughby – October 10, 2017 08:07AM Reply Quote
Save us, Lord, from the furries of the Norsemen!

El Jeffe – October 10, 2017 08:56AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
o h m y g o s h
I would become Amish immediately.

Roger – December 26, 2017 10:50AM Reply Quote
AAPL down nearly 3% today on anonymously-sourced Taiwanese rumors of low iPhone X demand. Market manipulation, or old-fashioned year-end profit-taking?

John Willoughby – January 04, 2018 12:50PM Reply Quote
Save us, Lord, from the furries of the Norsemen!
Iovine plans to leave Apple. No surprise there, but I suspect that Apple Music will either stagnate or make some really ham-handed moves, reminiscent of Ping.

Roger – January 04, 2018 05:55PM Reply Quote
Why on earth did they ever hire him? What was the point?

James DeBenedetti – January 04, 2018 06:44PM Reply Quote
He came with the Beats acquisition.

bahamut – January 04, 2018 06:50PM Reply Quote
If only it were lossless. If only that and it worked with Roon. That is Apple Music done right. Please don’t buy it Apple. Also I still miss Mog.

El Jeffe – January 05, 2018 05:46AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Tax plan at work > many news outlets think Apple will repatriate hundreds of billions.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in 2015 that he would "love to" repatriate foreign profits but he couldn't because "it would cost me 40%."

Now's his chance.

ARL (Moderator) – January 18, 2018 12:52AM Reply Quote
I whinge therefore I am!
And yet Apple Australia only pays one cent on the dollar (based on revenues, so I guess that's 2.5 cents on profit) and yet we get no magic technology camp?

Cook & Trump? I feel, dirty...

El Jeffe – January 20, 2018 06:17AM Reply Quote
What a journey.
Also heard some financial news and caught part of this CEO Tim Cook interview. Again, I like Tim. I think he should (have or should still) run for some office. He's a good person and this interview and position solidifies that in my mind.

Again, M5M aka not right wing media nor particularly on trump's side, neither...

NEWS : without these policy changes would you be able to announce today the creation of 20,000 new jobs?

Tim Cook: no there clearly let me be clear there there are large parts of this that a result of the tax reform and there's large parts of this that we would have done in any situation

NEWS : so it sounds like president Trump's tax bill has been a huge windfall for Apple

Tim Cook: well we - there are two parts of tax bill right there's a corporate piece in an individual piece I do believe the corporate tax side will will result in job creation and a faster growing economy"

I for one am very very excited for Apple's renewed commitment to USofA.

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ddt – January 20, 2018 11:05AM Reply Quote
"Mr. Cook -- you and your company just got a huge government handout. Would you like to take a moment to try to say that it's not just for your benefit, though that all depends on companies not following investors and boards and history to maximize quarterly returns?"

"Sure, let's say other people will benefit, too."


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